10 Items to Take on Your Hike

10 Items to Take on Your Hike

1) Water and/or Water Treatment Kit
Plan on at least 32oz/1liter per person for a half-day hike. On hikes higher than 10,000 feet, bring twice that much because you breathe much harder and thus loose much more water at high altitudes.

2) Map and Compass
With a map and a compass, you can locate where you are and find your way back.

3) Extra Food
Pack a lunch and something extra in case you get caught on the trail longer than expected.

4) Extra Clothing
Weather is extremely unpredictable in Teller County. One minute there may be not a cloud in the sky. Within a few minutes, the temperature can drop fifteen to twenty degrees and snowfall begins — in the middle of August! Also, Temperatures usually drop quickly at nightfall. Always bring extra protection for cold, wind and rain.

5) First Aid Kit
Bring a simple hiker’s first aid kit containing band aids and some skins for blisters. Antiseptic ointment may also come in handy.

6) Knife
A pocket knife with several blades and small tools can be used to repair equipment on the trail, fashion various tools and cut your apples for lunch.

7) Matches and Fire Starter
In case you are stranded, waterproof matches and a fire starter as a standby will help you start a campfire to warm you up.

8) Watch
You should know what time it is so that you can be off of the trail before nightfall.

9) Whistle
A small whistle can alert people looking for you. If you are lost, three bursts of the whistle every ten minutes can save your life.

10) Flashlight
If it gets dark before you are off the trail, a small flashlight comes in handy to light the way.