Crags Trail

Crags Trail

Hiking Trails – Crags Trail
Pike National Forest 

From Colorado Springs, take Hwy 24, through Woodland Park, to Divide. Turn south on Hwy 67. Drive 4 Miles. The sign is in brown on the left hand side of the road and a bit low to the ground. Turn left on Forest Service Road #383. You will pass by a Mennonite camp. Approximately 2.5 Miles down the road is the Crags Campground and trail head. Parking is available at the east end of the campground. This is where the trail begins. In the winter time, chains may be necessary for the drive up.

Attractions and Considerations:
Foot, horse and cross-country ski trail. Motorized vehicles are prohibited.

The Crags Trail #664 leads to “The Crags”, a group of rock pinnacle formations. From this trail it is possible to climb Pike’s Peak El, 14,110ft during the summer months. In the winter time, this is a good cross-country ski trail.

Length: 3 Miles round trip.
Time: 3 Hrs.
Elevation Gain/Drop: 800ft.
Difficulty: Moderate.bluesqar
Recommended season:
Spring x
Summer xx
Fall x
Winter x

Maps: Pike National Forest K-7, K-6
Quad Maps: Pikes Peak 33; Woodland Park 33,34,37

The trail goes up from 10,100 ft to 10,900 ft in 1.5 miles.

Beginning Elevation: Crags Campground 10,100 ft.
End Elevation: The Crags 10,900 ft.

Special Considerations:
This is a good trail for family hikes. Bring extra water due to the high elevations (Bring at least 64 oz/2liters per person).

Temperatures are about 15 degrees cooler than Colorado Springs. Afternoon thunderstorms are common throughout the summer.

Camping is permitted at the Crags Campground for a $9.00 fee. Campfire permits are not required, but please be sure your campfire is dead out before you leave. Pack it in/Pack it out rule applies.

Drinking Water:
Drinking water is not readily available. There is water at the campground. Hikers are advised to carry an adequate supply. Water from streams should be treated before use.