City of CS with Paul Herbig of CoWest Insurance

City of CS with Paul Herbig of CoWest Insurance


co-west-logoWith so many instances of hail and wind storms, roof damage is a very real possibility in our region. Getting a pre-inspection on your roof is becoming a must-do, because it’s much better to take care of the issue before it becomes a problem.


For current homeowners who are looking to sell their home, having somebody come out and do a roof inspection can save a lot of heartache and money in the long run. It will allow them time to get the roof fixed before a contract on the house is written. For people looking to buy a house, it is especially important to have the roof inspected because many insurance companies will determine, based on the appraisal and the roof inspection, how much your deductible and monthly cost of insurance will be. But sometimes the insurance company will choose to cover everything except the roof, which will require the homeowner to then get a rider policy for just the roof.


Something else to be aware of is the deductible. No matter which company holds your insurance contract, re-quote your insurance every 3 years. Only two things will ever vary on your mortgage—taxes and insurance. They don’t have to let you know that your insurance premiums and deductible have gone up. So, getting new quotes from insurance companies could help lower your mortgage payments in the long run and keep you from being surprised by a higher than anticipated deductible.


Homeowners insurance in Colorado has so many different parts to it because we’re #2 in the nation for hail. For this reason, many insurance companies don’t want to cover Colorado homes. Today, Deborah discusses with Insurance Broker Paul Herbig of CoWest Insurance why roof inspections are important as well as some key information you’ll want to know about homeowner’s insurance.