City of CS show with Black Oak Homes

City of CS show with Black Oak Homes


Deborah attended an open house a couple of weeks ago for Black Oak Homes. This is the newest homebuilder in the Colorado Springs area. Deborah found the quality and uniqueness of the Black Oak Home to be quite impressive.

Today, Deborah is joined by owner Akeem Seriki and the realtor representing Black Oak Homes John Dodson. The first thing that makes this builder unique is that not only are they in Falcon Vista and Banning Lewis Ranch areas, they are also in Old Colorado City near Downtown. That’s right, there is a builder in the Old Colorado City area.

After years working with Stresscon Concrete Corp followed by Real Estate, Akeem has developed a vision and understanding of what people want in a home. His intention is to provide semi-customizable homes that are built with the homeowner in mind. Some of those things include:

  • No vinyl, formica, or linoleum
  • Wider stairs to ease moving and redecorating
  • Placement of fireplaces recognizing where people dine and entertain
  • Walk-out lots
  • Attached 2 car garages, even in Old Colorado City


Black Oak Homes is truly a unique and remarkable home. Come listen as Deborah discusses with Akeem the reason he says, “This is not just a home. It’s an incredible investment.” For more information, check out or call (719) 301-1608.