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A Call To Order City of CS Preferred Provider
2940 Helmsdale Dr
Colorado Springs, CO
We give you the right tools, the right systems and the right habits to organize your space.

Get organized – be organized is A Call to Order’s philosophy. Many people have great intentions of getting organized, but when it comes down to actually doing it, they don’t know how. They aren’t equipped with the right skills, they don’t know the right system to use, or they can’t see through the clutter to what is important for them to keep. A Call to Order Professional Organizing is a team dedicated to helping you achieve peace of mind, whether you’re downsizing, moving, or staying in your home.

Whether it’s an issue with time management, a house full of clutter, or hoarding, most people need help identifying what needs to be done, and how to do it. Once we identify what needs to be done, then we figure out how it needs to be done. We fit systems and procedures to the individual; we don’t try to make individuals fit into specific systems.


Popular Services
• Moving consultation and planning
• Sorting and Organizing
• Packing and unpacking services
• Moving day orchestrations
• Staging and decorating services

Coordination and Arrangement
• Shipping services
• Charity Donations
• Cleaning and removal services
• Storage Services
• Moving van line services
American Liberty Mortgage
7608 North Union Blvd, Suite G, Colorado Springs, CO
We pride ourselves on providing customer service that is second to none.

American Liberty Mortgage pride themselves on providing customer service that is second to none while getting their customers the best interest rate with the lowest closing costs!  They are Colorado Springs, Colorado’s Top Mortgage Lender for Colorado home purchase loans and mortgage refinancing of your FHA, VA and conventional loans.

Colorado Springs Hypnotherapy
2161 N. Academy Blvd
Colorado Springs, CO

Barbara is a Certified Medical Support Clinical Hypnotherapist as well as a State of Colorado Registered Psychotherapist and a Fellow of the International Board of Hypnotherapy.

If you are looking for help to change your health and grow yourself into the life you were meant to have, you are at the right place to start making those changes. Colorado Springs Hypnotherapy can aid you, with the power of your own mind, to discover your own natural, self-healing ability with hypnosis.  You can relax and release limiting ideas, beliefs and emotions while affirming yourself, visualizing the new you and most importantly bringing about positive change.
Drury Brothers Roofing
Quality is the result of experienced and expert crews who are dedicated to their craft and have years of experience doing roofing work right. Drury Brothers Roofing, Inc. has a methodical and systematic approach to creating a near-to-perfect roof as is possible.

All roofers are not the same. Some are not committed to quality roofing; some are willing to cut corners to get the job; others just might not know what they are doing. For whatever reason, we are on roofs every day that have serious damage due to inferior roofing practice. Defective roofing costs homeowners millions of dollars every year.

We want you to have the information you need to make sure you are not buying a roofing problem that you will get to pay for later. Quality roofing is much more than the roof not leaking when it rains. We see roof problems every day that were created when the roof was installed. Defects allow leaks that can destroy roof decking and allow the proliferation of mold but these same defects might never accumulate enough water to expose a leak in the interior.

Quality is the result of experienced and expert crews who are dedicated to their craft and have years of experience doing roofing work right. Drury Brothers Roofing, Inc. has a methodical and systematic approach to creating a near-to-perfect roof as is possible.

We will not undersell your roofing project just to get the work. We have great confidence in and take great pride in our ability to get roofing projects done right the first time. We are interested in the long-term good relationship with clients. This is much more important than a single sale. We would like to win all our bids now, but many we have to win later after the prospect's roofing choice has turned into a problem.
(719) 591-4994
The Weed Assassins - City of CS Preferred Provider
The Weed Assassins goal is to help you make your yard the best it can be. We work with you. Give us a call.