Affordable Real Estate with MiaBella Properties

Affordable Real Estate with MiaBella Properties

Welcome to the City of CS Show with Deborah Elliott-Shultz, where we make your real estate experience more affordable.


About 4 years ago, the City of CS show began broadcasting about the Colorado Springs real estate market and the businesses that support it.


Over the years, Deborah has hosted many different representatives who have something to do with real estate, everything from moving companies to organizational services to restaurant owners because they all provide service to certain areas of the city. Deborah loves this city and the main reason she hosts the City of CS Show is to educate listeners about the local real estate market.


During the recession, there were times realtors had nothing to do. Short sells and bank owned properties were rampant. Investors had a wide variety to choose. Now, though, there are almost no short sells or bank owned properties, which means buyers are offering to pay above asking price.


The market in Colorado Springs is hot right now, and it’s important to have an experienced Real Estate Agent working for you! MiaBella Properties is the original, local flat listing fee real estate company. There are no other hidden fees.


When you go to sell your home, you pay a listing agent typically 3%. Then you also pay the buyer’s agent and it’s typically also a 3% fee. With other agents, you also pay an admin fee of $1500 and often other fees, as well. At MiaBella properties, we list for $3500 and market your listing a lot, including on the City of CS show. And Deborah doesn’t charge any other fees. It is a flat $3500.*


If you choose to list with MiaBella Properties, Deborah will do a comp market analysis after seeing your home. She will not bring it to the first appointment because there’s no way to know state of home beforehand.


When planning to list your home, make sure to interview at least three other real estate agents. If one of those three is a fairly new agent, you’ll want to be certain the agent is being mentored. Deborah includes a story in today’s broadcast about why it’s important to have a seasoned, or at least mentored, agent working for you. Also, you’ll want to include Deborah Elliott-Shultz in your interview list so you can see the difference in how MiaBella Properties can help make your experience more enjoyable.


Do you have questions about the real estate market, about buying or listing with Deborah Elliott-Shultz and MiaBella Properties? Do you want to know more about MiaBella Properties’ $3500 flat listing fee* and how it can help save you money? Contact Deborah at 641-1357 and she will get back to you as soon as possible.



*Certain exclusions apply