Aging in Place, Part II

Aging in Place, Part II


As parents age, tend to go into a care facility. Deborah’s mother is no longer ambulatory and needed to go into assisted living. This resulted in downsizing all of the items she had accumulated with her husband through many years of travelling the world, which was a very difficult process. However, it was necessary because when moving into such a facility, you are very limited in what can be taken with you. Assisted living facilities do not have the same amount of room as a house. Deborah’s mother insisted on keeping four rings that her husband had bought, one of which was her wedding ring. Only material items that she had from life with husband. Every night, for most of her life, she would take the rings off to sleep. One night, after her evening ritual, she took off rings. The following morning, she woke to find them gone.


Nursing homes and assisted living should have a background check on their employees, but there are so many people working there. Consider putting camera in parent’s room just to make sure your parent is safe. We want to trust the people taking care of our aging loved ones, however, seniors are recognized as being susceptible to people taking advantage.


There are many people who truly want to help seniors and not everybody is bad. It’s important to check out the credentials of the facility. Also, check the credentials of people you hire to work with your ageing loved one.


Two such people with specialized credentials are Gina Koy of A Call to Order and Ryan Lewis of Life Space Home Inspection.


What do they do to help the senior population?


Ryan has worked really hard to become specialized in senior Aging in Place inspections. Specific things he looks for is that there are no major health issues concerns like mold and radon. Also, if your loved one is moving out of their home and into a care facility he is able to go into your Assisted Living home and perform an inspection.


Gina has been accredited through senior move management national association of productivity and organization and will soon be certified in Relocation and Senior Transition. Her reason for doing this is to not only help people age in place by making sure their home is in good order but also to reduce clutter and trip hazards, as well as redo certain areas of home to be functional for today and the future, to help protect you and your loved ones during the golden years.


There are a lot of things to consider when preparing a home for a senior to age in place, or even to move into a care facility. Deborah, Ryan, and Gina have all received special training and credentials to help make this process easier on families. If you are interested in having one of them come out to your home, please give them a call. You can reach Ryan at (719) 761- 3328, Gina at (719) 231-5425, and Deborah at (719) 641-1357.


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