Aging in Place, Part I

Aging in Place, Part I


Many people are deciding to age in place instead of moving into assisted living care facilities because they want to be around familiar surrounding. But what about the safety of the home for this purpose? What can you do to make the home livable?


Ambulatory issues are a very large safety concern. Tripping hazards in the home increase the risk of falls, broken bones, and concussions. Ryan Lewis of Life Space Home Inspections specializes in aging in place.


For an aging in place inspection, he comes in and makes sure the house is safe with no major defects that could be indicative of damage to the home or things, which can cause safety issues. If there are any, he will recommend upgrades and changes that make the home easier to manage as age progresses. He is able to do this with any type of home.


Some ideas to make your home more aging friendly:

  • install lever door handles
  • clear our hallways
  • non-skid surface on stairs
  • seats in showers
  • widening doorways
  • lighting options
  • raised toilet seats.


This is just a small list of the ideas Ryan mentions in today’s broadcast. Some people are concerned that by making a home friendly for aging in place it might not be sellable later. The opposite is true. There is a very strong market for homes that are already updated for the owners to age it place


Sometimes it might be cost prohibitive to add such amenities, and it becomes important to find a home that is more suitable to age in place. Ranch and patio homes are available and can be easy to add necessary amenities.


Come listen as Deborah has an in-depth discussion with Ryan Lewis of Life Space Home Inspections about the many reasons to have an inspection that include other factors that are not just for buying or selling a home. If you would like Ryan to come inspect your home, call (719) 761-3328 or check out


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