Care and Share

Care and Share


In the months of November and December, we take a break from our normal line-up of all things real estate. Instead, we take this time to give back to the community by interviewing different non-profit organizations to help you decide which organizations you might want to send your holiday contributions.


The holidays are when most of these organizations make their money to operate during the upcoming year.


Last year, a lady with only $20 to give contacted Deborah wanting an idea about which organization to donate it to. Deborah told her why not divvy it up and give a little bit here and a little bit there. The woman thought this was a great idea! But why would it work? Because so many of the nonprofits interviewed on this show know how to stretch a buck.


There’s always somebody less fortunate than you, even though you may be in a bad situation yourself. But you know, if you have a roof over your head, you’re farther ahead than a lot of people that you see down at the Creek. So if you can spare a dime, $1, $20, $100, whatever it may be, the organizations mentioned on the City of CS show would be more than happy to stretch your financial donation and use it to help our people in our area.


But some of the organizations even stretch out into other areas. Today, Deborah Elliott-Shultz welcomes Joanna Wise, the marketing and communications director of Care and Share,


What is Care and Share? It is a non-profit organization that believes no one should go hungry. They work with different partner food pantries and meal sites all across southern Colorado to get food to families, individuals, and kids who are at risk of hunger. And they do that every single day.


Care and Share doesn’t only cover Colorado Springs and Pueblo, they cover 31 counties across southern Colorado because there are hungry people everywhere.


How does Care and Share cover such a large area? Well, they work every single day as a food bank and distribution center. They are able to partner with farmers, different manufacturers, and retailers. They also get food donations to the distribution center and work closely with other partner food pantries and meal sites, such as Marion House and Springs Rescue Mission, to distribute the food to individuals and families who need it.


They were able to get out more than 24 million pounds of food last year!


That’s a lot of pounds. And it equates to about 19 million meals.


They couldn’t do it without the community or without their partners.


Just because the economy is doing great doesn’t mean it’s benefiting everybody. There are still those out there that are in need of assistance. Rent and cost of living is a real challenge in our area.


A lot of families are living paycheck to paycheck. The holiday season, from Thanksgiving to around Christmas, is full of tough decisions especially if a person wants to give gifts to children or other close family members. Sometimes, this also includes having special holiday meals. But at the same time, they’re thinking about everyday groceries or paying utility bills. Because let’s face it, groceries are not inexpensive. They’re very, very expensive. And if these families have medicine to buy? Sometimes, they have to decide between their medicine and food to eat.


In fact, one in eight people in southern Colorado do not know where their next meal is coming from.


For kids, it’s one in six.


Currently, Care and Share serves about 153,000 people across southern Colorado. Those are 31 different counties from the Monument area to the southern half of the state all the way down to the New Mexico border and all the way to the eastern and western boundaries of the Colorado.


Care and Share has an extremely low overhead budget that only comprises 4%, which means 96% of donations goes to providing food by purchasing at a deeply discounted rate and transporting it to necessary areas.


How many meals can $1 donated to Care and Share provide? 8 meals. That’s right. $1 provides 8 meals.


Come listen to all the ways Care and Share helps the community and the many ways you can get involved. Did you know you can even bring your children as young as 6 to volunteer with you? It’s a great way to encourage your family to think about the needs of others.


If you would like to drop off donations, Care and Share is located at 2605 Preamble Point. Or you can call their facility Monday-Friday from 8a-5p at (719) 528-1247. You can also check out their website to find out all the ways you can help feed people throughout Southern Colorado.


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