City of CS: Questions and Gina Caughey Announcement

City of CS: Questions and Gina Caughey Announcement



Listeners have been emailing and calling to ask some questions on City of CS Show. Today, Deborah takes a moment to discuss important topics that listeners have brought to her attention. While she does respond to emailed questions, a few questions have come up that can be very important for you to know about because it might be in the back of your mind or it may be something that creeps up before, during or after the process of buying or selling a home.

Is there any recourse for an issue missed by an inspector? Why is a home warranty important? Why is it important to have a separate Realtor and Lender? What’s the importance of finding out if the home you’re buying is in an HOA? Come listen as Deborah explains why these are important questions to ask as you are getting ready to purchase a home.

Also, on this episode of the City of CS Show, Deborah is joined by Gina Caughey with a very special announcement! Did you know that in 70% of all moves, people throw out their non-perishables? Did you also know that during the summer, many kids go hungry for at least one meal a day? Come listen asGina Caughey invites you to easily make an impact! To get involved, go to or call (719) 231-5425.

Our market is very healthy with many buyers and few sellers. So, if when you have a question, Deborah really wants to answer it! You can contact her through or by calling (719) 641-1357.