Cre8stone of Colorado

Cre8stone of Colorado



Summertime is the time people do most of their home maintenance, but fall can also be a great time to tackle some of those last items on your to-do list. Due to last year’s hail storms, you’ll still see a few roofs being replace or fixed, some windows being installed, even siding.

Speaking of siding, there are four main types of siding homeowners use. The first is vinyl siding. The perk to this one is that it supposedly never needs painting, but be aware that color can fade with time. The second type of siding is fiber cement. This is a popular type of siding because if the house were to catch on fire, it will take longer to burn. However, this is one of the more costly of siding types. The third kind of siding is metal, but it has a reputation for the colors to fade quickly. The fourth type of siding is stucco. This one is usually used because it keeps the house cooler in summer and warmer in winter, plus it lasts for quite a bit of time. Unfortunately, it can take awhile to apply and it’s not decorative.

However, there is a new type of siding on the market. It’s called Cr8stone. This is a limestone product that is sprayed onto most existing siding. Once it has had time to cure, it will be a monolithic structure, meaning the entire siding of your house will be one piece. After the product is applied, an artist comes out and hand carves the siding so it can look like stacked rock, brick, flagstone, etc.

Today, Deborah speaks with Steven Stouffer of Cre8astone of Colorado about all of the incredible benefits of this new type of siding. This product, however, isn’t just for the outer exterior of your home, there are some interior application possibilities as well! If you’re interested in applying this to your home you can get in touch with Steven or his team at or call them at (719) 238-3523.

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