Debbie’s Tidbits – Real Estate Tips

Debbie’s Tidbits – Real Estate Tips


The real estate market is so crazy right now, that it is common to have 15-16 offers on one home. When there are this many offers, it can take over an hour to go through all of the different points in each offer. Which is why it’s so important to have a season realtor or at least a realtor who is being actively mentored. Real estate contracts have so many details involved that if it is not written correctly, it can create a lot of problems.


Before the recession, before the market crashed, there were about 4,000 agents working in the Colorado Springs area. When the recession hit, that number dropped significantly to 1800. Now, the market is hot and everybody wants to be a real estate agent again.


One of the frustrations season realtors are experience is that many of these new agents come on board part time and have a different job they work at full-time. One of the biggest difficulties working with a part-time real estate agent is the difficulty getting ahold of them with questions or issues. It is important for real estate agents to be available when needed.


Come listen as Deborah discusses:

  • dates and deadlines
  • explanation of the influx of buyers in the area
  • necessity of having a local mortgage lender
  • importance of your home’s condition
  • reasons to be wary of FSBO and bootcamps.


When it comes to buying and selling real estate there are a lot of important details that need attention. Having an experienced realtor is an essential part of making sure your buying or selling experience goes well.


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