Drury Brothers Roofing

Drury Brothers Roofing


The past couple of summers, we saw hail storms with one right after the other. The roofers came out, too. Most of the roofing door knockers were from out of state and totally out of area. Very aggravating.


If you’ve been listening to Deborah Elliott-Shultz for any length of time, you’ve heard her talk about this subject many times. But if new to the area might be wondering why you should avoid out of area roofers. The biggest reason? If there is an issue with your roof, there is a slim to none chance of your roof issue being corrected.


In the area, there are still so many people who haven’t had their roof inspected since the summer hailstorms. It’s important to have a reputable company come out to check your roof.


Today, Deborah Elliott-Shultz welcomes Chuck Todisco of Drury Brothers Roofing. Drury Brothers has been around for 34 years providing service to the Colorado Springs and Pueblo areas. 34 years is an amazing amount of time in the roofing business!


It is quite aggravating to have a roofing company come in and fix a roof, then when an issue comes up with that roof and the owner calls on a warranty issue the company is closed. But with a company who has been in business for over 34 years, warranty issues can be handled easily.


Currently, almost 700 companies are registered with the Pikes Peak Regional Building Department (PPRBD). In order to be registered and licensed through PPRBD, a company must first be insured. This protects the homeowner in case something harmful happens such as someone falling off the roof while fixing it. When looking to hire someone to come fix your roof, it’s a good idea to start your search by checking with the PPRBD if a company is listed with them. Some of the listings are no longer active, but it’s a good place to begin looking. You can reach the PPRBD at (719) 327-2880 or visit their website at pprbd.org.


Oftentimes, a roofing company will tell you that they are a “one-stop-shop” business and they can subcontract anything you need done to repair hail damage. One-stop-shop companies, though, hire a lot of people, which means you’re not guaranteed of reputable workers. Another risk the homeowner takes on, is that this type of hiring practice opens up homeowner to liens on their house. How can this be? If company does not pay the contractor, the contractor will put lien on your house, even though you paid the company who contracted the work. Drury Brothers does roofing and doesn’t subcontract any of the other work.


In the roofing industry, one of the most common scams involves the use of down payments. Oftentimes, a shady company will request down payment on signature of residential contract without materials provided. But a strong, reputable company won’t need that. Roofing is a service industry, which means, “do the work first, then get paid.” On a residential job, never give a down payment first.


Another frequent scam some roofing companies try is to have a client sign a blank contract so the company can they take all the proceeds from insurance companies. Many people cancel these contracts after signing because they feel scammed.


Most roofing horror stories come from using out of area roofers. And the class of people who get ripped off the most frequently by out of area roofers? Seniors! One way to be a good neighbor to this at risk population is to make sure they’re using a roofer who is licensed by the Pikes Peak Regional Building Department. Help keep seniors from being scammed by being a good neighbor. Listen for Deborah’s idea on how to tactfully broach this subject with your senior neighbor to keep them safe.


Drury Brothers Roofing is a reputable company that has been around for over 34 years and they provide an estimate when they come to inspect your roof. Come listen today to find out some helpful ways to keep from being scammed, what to look for in a roofing company, and why it’s important to get your roof inspected.


To get ahold of Drury Brothers roofing, call (719) 591-4994 to get your roof checked out and for an estimate on the roof and gutters. A minor issue in the roof can cause large issues with the house.


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