El Paso County Salvation Army

El Paso County Salvation Army


In the months of November and December, we take a break from our normal line-up of all things real estate. Instead, we take this time to give back to the community by interviewing different non-profit organizations to help you decide which organizations you might want to send your holiday contributions.


The holidays are when most of these organizations make their money to operate during the upcoming year.


Last year, a lady with only $20 to give contacted Deborah wanting an idea about which organization to donate it to. Deborah told her why not divvy it up and give a little bit here and a little bit there. The woman thought this was a great idea! But why would it work? Because so many of the nonprofits interviewed on this show know how to stretch a buck.


There’s always somebody less fortunate than you, even though you may be in a bad situation yourself. But you know if you have a roof over your head, you’re farther ahead than a lot of people that you see down at the Creek. So if you can spare a dime, $1, $20, $100, whatever it may be, the organizations mentioned on the City of CS show would be more than happy to stretch your financial donation and use it to help people in our area.


Today, Deborah Elliott-Shultz welcomes Captain Erin Kauffman of the El Paso County Salvation Army.


The Salvation Army has been around for many years. But many people still don’t know what the Salvation Army is. What is the Salvation Army?


The Salvation Army is an international movement in 131 countries that has been helping others for more than 150 years. In the Colorado Springs area, the Salvation Army has been here for over 125 years.


The Salvation Army finds specific needs then tries to meet that need. There are many needs here in Colorado Springs, from licensed after school programs to a transitional apartment complex for families to a shelter for more than 200 people and a new Veterans Program.


This Christmas, there have been a lot of people signing up for Christmas assistance to provide toys and essentials for their loved ones. In fact, the influx has been higher than any other year previous.


This list is directly tied to the Angel Tree program. Angel Trees are full of angel tags that represent a real child and one or two gifts on that child’s wish list.  When a person chooses a tag, they bring those toys back to a donation site. And on December 20, the Salvation Army delivers toys and clothes and food boxes to over 500 families. Probably 1200-1800 kids from birth to 18 will get a Christmas present this year because generous, big-hearted people participate in this program.


Where are these Angel trees located?


You can find Angel Trees at the Chapel Hills Mall, the Citadel mall, Olive Gardens, J.C. Penney’s, Macy’s, and Wal-Mart stores.


There’s just something about the holidays where our hearts are softened for others, and people just want to give. We are fortunate to have a community with so many blessings and want to share those blessings. Blessings like waking up on Christmas morning and knowing that they have helped a child have an amazing day.


The Salvation Army also provides Thanksgiving and Christmas meals with the help of Fort Carson troops. After they cook up the meals, it gets distributed to the Fountain location where over 2,000 people get to enjoy a holiday meal and 1,000 meals will be delivered to people’s homes


For people who need to reserve a meal for Thanksgiving, call the Salvation Army branch in Colorado Springs at 719-636-3891.


If you would like to make a monetary donation, even a donation of $1 is helpful. And

83 cents of every dollar donated goes directly to help.


Come listen to find out how the Salvation Army uses donations, how they got their start, and the many ways you can volunteer to help people in our community. To get involved, call the main office at 719-636-3891.


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