Fair Housing Act

Fair Housing Act


Every week, Deborah Elliott-Shultz discusses different aspects of the Real Estate Market. Today, the discussion centers on the Fair Housing Act and its importance, why a real estate agent is the best person to provide a market analysis, and a very special interview with Duane Pope of The Weed Assassin.

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Fair Housing Act

Did you know that this is the 50th anniversary of the Fair Housing Act? This Act was instituted to protect people from discrimination in renting, buying, or securing financing for any housing. It prohibits discrimination based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, and presence of children.

Which type of discrimination has the most complaints about not abiding by the fair housing act? 9% familial status, 1% color, 8% national origin, 1% religion, 19% race, 9% other, and the biggest class is disability. A number of issues are included, but the vast majority for disability is for accessibility.

These laws are important. Go to Hud.gov if you want to find out more information about HUD and the Fair Housing Act.


Market Analysis

When you want a market analysis on your real estate? Who are you going to call and look? A lot of people look at Trulia and Zillow. Currently, Zillow is facing a lawsuit for its Zestimates and violation of anti-trust laws.

Many realtors often find it frustrating when clients bring up Zillow or Trulio because the computer program isn’t able to give you an accurate market analysis.


The Weed Assassin – Featured Small Business

Springtime brings lots of weird weather, but spring is coming! And it’s coming fast, folks. What is the biggest challenge of this season? Weeds! Today, Deborah has invited Duane Pope, the Weed Assassin, to join her in the studio.

Duane got into the weed business when a friend in the landscaping business suggested it might be a great business opportunity to tackle the weed program. Four years ago, Duane got licensed through the state of Colorado Department of Agriculture to use chemical treatments to rid yards and landscaping from weeds.

In Colorado, if someone sprays pesticide they have to have a license to do so. If you hire someone without it, there is no recourse if they destroy your yard. The licensing also helps to ensure protections for our environment.


Did you know that the Department of Agriculture sends out a yearly list of people who are hypersensitive to the chemicals used to rid your yard of weeds? To be put on the list, contact the Colorado Department of Agriculture. This is just one of the many tools Duane uses to watch out for your family. Come listen to find out other ways he takes your family and pet’s health seriously when performing his job as The Weed Assassin.


Schedules for lawn maintenance are getting set up now. Once the schedule is set, it can be hard to get onto the schedule. The best way to contact Duane Pope is 719-761-9526, or you can contact him through www.theweedassassin.us.


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