For Sale By Owner: The Pros and Cons For Home Sellers

For Sale By Owner: The Pros and Cons For Home Sellers



The market is still pretty hot and it doesn’t look to be slowing down. With the exception of the more pricey homes, the affordable homes in the $200,000-$450,000 are “flying off the shelves.”


Deborah Elliott-Shultz gets a lot of questions from listeners. Some of the questions are light and some are deep. One of the deep questions she has been getting lately because of the hot market is, “Should I use a Realtor or sell my home myself?” Also known as a For Sale By Owner (FSBO), many people are thinking of taking this route because they are hoping to stave money on the fees. However, even if you do choose the for sale by owner route, you will still have to pay the buyer’s agent fees.


MiaBella Properties has a flat listing fee of $3500 to make your real estate experience more affordable. But if you do not use a Realtor…PLEASE use a real estate attorney because there are contracts involved.  It’s more than just sticking a sign in front of your home.


Realtors provide market analysis reports, finds reputable title companies, makes sure you know all the dates necessary for all the different steps of the transaction, provides their seasoned expertise on questions and unforeseen circumstances, and looks out for the safety of your home while it’s listed through Century lockbox. In addition to all of this, your realtor or real estate agent has to be licensed through DORA (website here) and carry insurance to sell real estate in Colorado.


The National Association of Realtors wrote an article on The Critical Role of a Realtor (find a copy here) and it includes 180 steps a Realtor goes through for a sale. Do you have time to do the ones on this list that are most helpful for your home? Do you know which ones pertain to your home?


If you put a sign in your front yard, some random person can come ask to see your home. How do you know if the person is a licensed real estate agent? Do you know if the people coming in are crooks who are looking for the best way to access your home to steal from you? To be a licensed real estate agent in Colorado, you have to have a background check. How are you going to make the decision about who has access to your home or not? Remember, there are people looking for access to people’s home


Come listen as Deborah discusses the many ways a for sale by owner might not be the option you think it is. If you have questions about for sale by owners or anything else real estate related, you can reach Deborah at (719) 641-1357.


Neighborhood Spotlight: Her Story Café

Part of what makes a neighborhood a neighborhood is the parks, post office, shops, and restaurants. The Stetson Hills area has a little shop called Her Story Café. According to Deborah, they make the most fantastic mac and cheese.


Today, Deborah is joined by Liz Rosenbaum of Her Story Café. Originally just started making soup in a little café on Academy. Was in Library 21c for 3 years, but is now at 6050 North Carefree, close to the Costco out on Powers.


Why Her Story Café? “We tell stories about women one bite at a time.” Every item on the menu is linked to a woman’s story.


This wonderful little cafe specializes in soups but they also cater box lunches and their menu includes coffee and breakfast items (719)418-6745. When you stop in, mention you heard about them on the City of CS show!