Home Organization A Call To Order

Home Organization A Call To Order


The City of CS Show is all about real estate and businesses that support real estate. Today’s show is no exception.


When people said they couldn’t, they did! Deborah Elliott-Shultz of MiaBella Properties was the first real estate company in Colorado Springs with a flat listing fee of $3500. She went against conventional wisdom to provide you with a more affordable real estate experience. There were a lot of people who didn’t understand why, people who thought it was silly.


Today, Deborah is joined by the owner of another business which people also said was a silly idea—Gina Koy of A Call to Order professional organizing. Being a professional organizer is a unique business, but also very helpful and important. There are three divisions at A Call to Order: relocation management (moving from point a to point b), residential organization (systems are in place to help you), small business organizing. These three divisions are specialized segments within the realm of organization, each one having its own set of systems and resources.


We all have our issues, and it’s okay to ask for help when we need it. If you know of a situation, or you yourself need help with organizing, no job is too small or too large for Gina and her team. They want to help their clients be able to live a happier and healthier life by having a more organized environment or moving experience.


Gina Koy is a certified professional organizer and has been for over 10 years. She has worked with all types of situations, an A to Z organizational service. From hoarding to senior moving, even businesses call her company to come in and set up processes to help with flow.


Anybody can hang a shingle and say their professional organizers, but at A Call to Order, they have taken classes and have agreed to follow the code of ethics for National Association of Productivity and Organizers (NAPO) and National Association of senior move managers (NASMM). People often comment on how often Gina and her team are always taking classes. Why do they put themselves through this? Because they want to provide a better service!


Don’t know where to start? Gina and her team have resources that they’ve vetted. Her rule of thumb is that if she doesn’t want a certain resource provider in her own home, she won’t use in yours. As a bonus, because A Call to Order uses certain resources so much,  they get a volume discount in many instances-which means better prices for their customers.


Come listen to a fun conversation between Gina and Deborah as they discuss what it was like to make business decisions that were different than everybody else in Colorado Springs in order to provide their clients with better service.

You can find out about professional organizing with Gina Koy of A Call to Order at acalltoorderco.com or call (719) 231-5425. For more information about Deborah’s $3500 flat listing fee with MiaBella Properties, senior real estate needs, or anything about real estate call (719) 641-1357.