Mia Bella Flat Listing Fee

Mia Bella Flat Listing Fee



What does Mia Bella Properties do? Why does it have a flat listing fee of $3,500? How can Mia Bella Properties compete with larger big box real estate companies?


The last time Deborah Elliott-Shultz charged a 3% commission fee for selling a home was during the recession. “It was very difficult to walk out of the sale with a check larger than the seller. It really bothered me.” That’s when she realized she wanted to do something different, do something that provides a value to sellers. The $3500 flat listing fee at Mia Bella Properties was born and it continues to make sense.


Most listing realtors do the same things as every other listing realtor: write up contracts, review offers, measure rooms, advertising, and other related business expenses. What else does Mia Bella Properties and Deborah Elliott-Shultz do to list a home? She advertises over the radio with the City of CS Show at KRDO 105.5FM and 1240AM and hires professional photographers to attract buyers through various online listing sites. Check out the website at MiaBellaProperties.com to find out all of the things you get with the $3500 flat listing fee as well as find out how you can save thousands of dollars.


Don’t hesitate to contact Deborah Elliott-Shultz at (719) 641-1357 to have your real estate questions answered and to find out how to list your home with Mia Bella Properties.