Mia Bella Properties: An Affordable Real Estate Experience

Mia Bella Properties: An Affordable Real Estate Experience


If you’ve never listened to the City of CS show, we provide information about real estate in the Colorado Springs area and the businesses that support it.


What makes MiaBella Properties different? We offer a flat listing fee of $3500. This can make a huge difference in your bottom line. Most people say “you can’t do this and market it as well as we can.” Typical big brand real estate companies will say this. They’re trying to justify a 3% listing fee along with an admin/file/assistant/you name it fee.


Seller’s still have to pay a buyer’s agent 3% fee. MiaBella Properties markets their own listings. While Deborah has never used a national celebrity to endorse MiaBella properties, she does enjoy inviting clients to come onto the show occasionally to discuss their selling experiences.


Michelle Tumberland recently bought and sold a home with Mia Bella Properties and used Ryan Herbig of American Liberty Mortgage as the lender.


Michelle and her husband were looking for a Realtor who was reliable and would represent them as best as they possibly could, but also a realtor who would be cost effective. They were looking to get what they needed out of the house and not spend thousands and thousands of dollars to do it.


By going with MiaBella Properties, the Tumberland’s were able to save over $6,000. Plus, they were excited there were no issues or hiccups with the contract.


They didn’t just sell their home, they also bought a home with Deborah. To simultaneously buy and sell a home, takes planning. The Tumberland’s were impressed with both Deborah and Ryan. The communication was clear to make the pieces flow correctly. Ryan helped the process not feel intimidating. This communication reduced a lot of stress. There’s a reason your realtor and lendor ask you to do certain things.


It takes a partnership for all involved to make the process work.


Come listen as Deborah Elliott-Shultz and Ryan Herbig discuss with Michelle Tumberland her favorite aspects of the process to buy and sell her home.


Contact Deborah Elliott-Shultz at (719) 641-1357 and Ryan Herbig of American Liberty Financial at (719)228-6055 or (719) 659-0043 to find out how they can be part of your real estate buying or selling process.