MiaBella Properties

MiaBella Properties


What does it take to be a realtor and how do you juggle your personal life? You have to have help and you have to have excellent help, at that. Those people can turn into people you can trust, and sometimes into people you consider family.


As a Realtor, Deborah works 10-12 hour days and sometimes 14-hour days. But she doesn’t do everything in the business—she has a team that helps her.


Sometimes, teams can get a bad rap because there are so many players meaning there are times when “one hand doesn’t know what the other is doing.” Not all teams have this problem, but some do. It all comes back to communication and if the team is able to communicate well.


When Deborah started her company, she didn’t start MiaBella Properties to be a large business—she created it to be a company that is different than any other companies.


There are two other people on the MiaBella Properties team. Today, Deborah welcomes her team Realtor Sheila Finkenbinder and Transaction Coordinator Judy Music.


They all very much like having a small team.


It is important that a buyer or seller is hiring a team where they know all the players on a team. Sometimes it can be a good thing to have a team. But some things get missed. Sheila and Debbie both are grateful that Judy is there to help stay on top of dates and deadlines. She is also able to help with the occasional odd real estate items.


If you’re not working with a team, it’s a good idea to ask your prospective realtor who will take over if something comes up and they can’t watch over every detail of the contract. Your realtor should be able to bring in a managing broker or an assistant who is a licensed realtor. Sometimes a Realtor is truly a single operator, and there is nobody to cover. You might end up losing the contract on a house if your Realtor is unreachable.


Another added bonus of using the small team of MiaBella Properties is that it is owned by Deborah Elliott-Shultz. She doesn’t pay franchise fees or other things a realtor does when affiliated with a big box realty company. This means that she and her team don’t have to rely on a certain number of closings to pay her expenses for the month.  Allowing them to be frugal with personal business expenses, and opening up the ability to not be frugal when it comes to their clients.


MiaBella Properties does things differently! From the $3500 flat listing fee to the 1/3 refund to hiring professional photographers.


Everything to list your home is included in the $3500 flat listing fee. While others will add a charge into the contractor to pay for photographs and other things, MiaBella Properties does not. Clients end up with thousands of dollars saved…which ends up being a way better gift!


Another difference with MiaBella Properties is that as a buyer’s agent, we give back 1/3 of that to use towards your new home. It can be used for closing costs, new appliances, or whatever you need to use it for.


People said these things wouldn’t work, that it wouldn’t be sustainable. Well, it’s worked for the last 10 years, even through the recession.


Come listen to today’s broadcast and find out how Deborah came up with the $3500 flat listing fee and the many ways the team of MiaBella Properties finds ways to put you, the client, first. Because it’s not about the pictures on the wall, it’s about the clients.


MiaBella Properties is a full service Real Estate Company. If you have any questions or would like to meet with Deborah Elliott-Shultz, call 641-1357. You can also check out the website cityofcs.com and follow the real estate links to see all the ways Deborah, Sheila, and Judy work hard for you!



Real Estate tips: We’ve been hit with a lot of hail lately. What should you do? Hire a local, licenced roofing company. Go onto the El Paso county Regional Building Department (pprbd.org) and make sure they are licensed to do roofs here! And make sure they are here in Colorado Springs. If a person is from out of area, they may not come back. If you have an elderly neighbor or family member who needs to get a roof, consider protecting them by helping them find someone reputable.