What You Need To Look For When Buying A Home

What You Need To Look For When Buying A Home



Today Deborah Elliott-Shultz discusses some the questions to consider before you buy a home, whether it be a new build or a resell.


  • How much area do you need? How many bedrooms? How many bathrooms? How many garage spaces?
  • Does the School District matter? If you have a family or are thinking about having a family this might be a consideration for you. Convenience of location is often a factor in choosing homes near a school. Some families live far away because the kids go to a charter school and they drive every day. Every school and school district has its positives and negatives. If you want to find out the pros and cons of a particular school or district, you’ll find great information with an online search.
  • How far away from work are you willing to commute? Do you want to live really close to work? Or are you okay with a long commute?
  • Is it important to be close to your favorite shopping centers? Some people look for a location based on their favorite stores.
  • What will the property taxes be? Knowing how much the property taxes will be is important because you’ll be paying them. In new development areas, it can be tricky to figure out the property tax because there is no history of taxes. Even though the new-home builder can give you an estimate, your realtor can give you a much better idea of what to expect. Deborah shares a story today about a surprise tax bill for one of her clients. Even in developments where some of the homes have been up for years and there is still new building every day, your realtor can do a little digging to find out what you can expect. Finally, developments that are established have a history of the taxes-so you can know what to expect. Make sure to speak with your realtor to find out about the property taxes so you don’t get surprised.
  • How much yard will you have to take care of and which way will your home face? Lot size and lot location is something you can often pick out when you buy a new build. When you purchase a presell, it might take a little longer to find the right lot size and location. Where do you want your home to be? Which way do you want your house to be positioned? Facing west, the sun will melt a lot of the snow. With a back deck facing west, you’ll more than likely have the afternoon sun. Many people want a cul-de-sac because it’s a lot more private and feels safer. Or would you rather have a street that goes through? These are things that can be easily overlooked.
  • What type of structure do you want? Single story, two story, or tri-level? Do you want stairs? How many stairs is too many? Ranchers still typically sit on a slab, but occasionally have a basement. Where do you want the laundry room?
  • What type of exterior do you want? Log look? Brick? Stucco? Wood? Look to see if there’s chipping paint or rotted siding, these can and should be on the inspection report to be repaired before purchasing the home.
  • Is landscaping important to you? Do you want grass or xeriscaping? Do you need a sprinkler system or a drip system? Do you want a garden or an area you can make into a garden? Do you want to grow vegetables or flowers? If you want landscaping, speak to your builder because they probably won’t include it in your contract.
  • Is air conditioning important to you? In the winter, people rarely ask if a house has an air conditioner. But in the summer, it’s the #1 question. In the last four years, it’s become more and more wanted. Ask your builder if an a/c is part of the new build. If an a/c isn’t included in a new build, you should try to negotiate that.
  • What are the room sizes? For a toddler, a small room is fine. But as your child grows, will they be able to play in their room? Then when your kid becomes a teenager, more space is often needed. Try to think about needs in the future, even though the house is good for today.
  • Have you considered the resell value? Things happen, things change. Your house today might not be your house tomorrow. What is the expected resell value? A seasoned agent can help you determine this. When you buy a home that’s really different, and you know that it’s really different, consider if you’ll be able to sell your house sometime later. Does the neighborhood meet your preferences? Does the area have an HOA? What are the covenants? Are you able to abide by the covenants? Do you want an HOA? Typically, areas with HOA’s see a higher rate of increase in property values.


When deciding on a house to buy, hire a knowledgeable and seasoned realtor to help you answer some of these questions and determine what’s right for you.


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