Pain Relief with Barbara Stafford and Roberta Milliard

Pain Relief with Barbara Stafford and Roberta Milliard


If you’ve listened to the City of CS show for the last few years, you’ll know that Deborah Elliott-Shultz highlights nonprofits through November and December in the hopes that you might donate your annual holiday contributions to them. But today’s show is a little different.


Today’s guests on the show are here to help you during the holiday season…because the holidays can get to be more than stressful.


The most popular time for families to get together is Thanksgiving. When it comes to dealing with friends and family it can be difficult to tolerate the increasing stress levels. Add to that the work to get the meals and house read leading to chronic pain and extra stress.


Today, Deborah Elliott-Shultz speaks with Barbara Stafford of Colorado Springs Hypnotherapy and Roberta Milliard of Healing Touch Pain Release to discuss some natural ways to take care of that pain and stress.


What is hypnotherapy and how can it help with the stresses of the season?


Hypnotherapy has been around for thousands of years and the modern hypnotherapist has been around since the late 1800s. As a matter of fact, Sigmund Freud was originally a hypnotherapist before he became the father of modern psychotherapy


Hypnotherapy is not like those hypnotists you’ll see on stage. Hypnotherapy is a method of therapy to help you make changes to let go of the things you used to do to become a person you would like to be and feel better about yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally.


It is a safe, relaxing session that helps slow things down and allows you to relax a little bit so you can feel better. One method Barbara teaches a client with panic attacks involves counting.** She often tells her clients with panic attacks that you can’t have a panic attack while you’re counting. She’ll have some of these clients start at 100 and subtract 7 and keep going down. Sometimes she has a client count colors. By concentrating on these things it’s easy to forget that you’re in the midst of a panic attack.


But it’s all about feeling better. And making good healthy changes in your life. Oftentimes, it’s about rewriting what you tell yourself to allow your mind to change how it reacts to stressors.


Sometimes, it’s building confidence so you can remove the bullies in your life, that you can let those people go because they don’t have your best interest at heart. Barbara has been known to tell the people who come to her office that “the people who are going to change are the people in my office, not the people outside and so you can decide whether you’re going to keep putting up with it. Or if you’re going to go, ‘you know what? I deserve better than this, and I’m going to let them go’.”


But anybody can come into Barbara’s office and become hypnotized. There are many different levels, too. There’s an easy level where a client is just listening to everything she says and they just relax their arms or legs feel heavy. There are clients who daydream in and out throughout the session. She even has some clients who snore through their whole session. That’s fine, too, because that’s their conscious mind relaxing so she can work with your subconscious.


But it only works for people who have a desire to change.


When dealing with stressors such as Thanksgiving and feeling more calm and to be in charge of that calmness, she teaches clients dials and tricks and ways to lower their stress levels. So they can just be at peace. Because that’s really what the seasons are all about is peacefulness, as opposed to anger and toxicity.


While Barbara is helping with the mental strain surrounding the holiday season, Roberta takes care of the physical issues that a person might have whether it is pain in the feet from standing and cooking or shopping, chronic pain, or just added physical pains from handling the stress and tension.


Healing Touch Pain Relief works in conjunction with other health care providers to heal people who experience chronic pain. She has been using healing touch practices for more 20 years. She uses the science of quantum physics, which is at a sub particle level, to smooth out pain in order to help release the pain from your body.


When it comes to stress, most people feel it in their feet. When a person’s feet hurt it often makes them feel really tired and cranky. That’s when foot reflexology is helpful which is a like a foot massage. There’s a map of the foot that has been around since ancient times through the Chinese medicine and all of the organs of your body are connected to locations someplace on the bottom of your foot. Roberta understands that map and works with it using techniques she has learned in specialized classes to help you feel really great.


How does a healing touch appointment work? The needs of the person in the office determines the type of touch used. Some of her clients have fibromyalgia and they can not be touched, so she works off the body by connecting with that person’s body using somatic methods to help move that pain right out. Some patients need reflexology. Others might need their feet to have a nice soak in water with essential oils. The entire treatment time is centered around helping relieve pain and it’s associated stresses so you, the client, are very relaxed.


Come listen as Deborah speaks with Barbara and Roberta to discuss all the ways they can help you through the stressful time of year and, really, all year long, as well. You’ll also hear about the intensive trainings both women have had, the groups that Barbara is involved with, and the many ways they can help you.


To find out more about Barbara Stafford and Colorado Springs Hypnotherapy, you can go to or you can call 719-238-5945. And to find out more about Roberta Milliard and Healing Touch Pain Release you can go to or call 719-684-2180.


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