Pikes Peak Regional Building Department

Pikes Peak Regional Building Department

This is the time of year people look to home improvement projects. Sometimes homeowners choose to hire a contractor and sometimes they choose to do it themselves. Whichever you choose, it’s important to know which projects require a permit. But how do you know which projects need a permit? Why are permits important?


Today, Deborah Elliott-Shultz is joined by Roger Lovell of the Pikes Peak Regional Building Department to discuss permits. One of the primary reasons to get a permit for a project in your home is to make sure your home is safe for you and your family, and safe for any future buyers of your home. Another reason permits are important is that the PPRBD makes sure the contractors you hire for projects are licensed and insured.


Changing out the receptacles (such as outlet covers or converting to gfci) is not something that needs a permit, however, rewiring the electricity in your home does require a permit. It is extremely important to get a permit for certain things, such as wiring, reroofing, building additions, basement finishing, hot tubs, and decks, to name a few.


Their intent is not to cause you hassle, the Regional Building Department’s intent and goal is to make sure your dwelling or place of business is safe and habitable.


Come listen to Deborah and Roger’s discussion today about the many ways the PPRBD helps residents of the Pikes Peak Region enjoy a safe home and protect themselves from major hassles later.


To contact the Pikes Peak Regional Building Department, you can call (719) 327-2880 or visit their new website at pprbd.org to find out how to submit project plans, discover answers to your questions, determine if a permit has been pulled, find out if a contractor is licensed to perform work in the area, or to use their new interactive chat feature.


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