Protect Your Home from Hail

Protect Your Home from Hail


There are so many responsibilities in which home-owners are responsible. One such responsibility is your roof, especially with our frequent hailstorms. These hailstorms cause damage to roofs, siding, windows, gutters, fence, and cars.


One of the most important things impacted by hailstorms is the roof…it is the shell of your home. If you don’t tend to your roof, you can have all kinds of problems, even mold in the housing structure due to space between shingles or siding.


Hail wreaks havoc with homes, not just the roof, but gutters, siding, exterior house paint, fencing, windows, etc.  Gutters can also have major issues with dents. If you have dents from hail, they’ll get rust within two weeks. Also, hail blocks up the gutters and makes them heavy which can cause them to pull away from the house. Both denting and pulling away can cause spaces in the siding where water gets into the housing and creates mold.


Today, Deborah Elliott-Shultz is speaking with Mike Donadic the owner of Safe Haven Roofing and Restoration about the importance of having your roof inspected before calling your insurance company as well as all the other issues hail can cause for your home..


At Safe Haven Roofing and Restoration, the owner, Mike Donadic, has worked on a roofing team and knows the processes to get your house back to the safe and dry home you’re used to. He and his team will inspect your roof, house, and certain other parts of your property and make recommendations. They will also meet with adjusters to make sure everything is covered. During their inspection process, they take photos and videos of the damage in order provide a visual example of what is going on with your roof. They do this in order to prove they are trustworthy.


Your insurance company will ask a bunch of questions. Safe Haven will give you the answers to their questions and will come out to meet with the adjuster, as well as explain the insurance summary, try to explain the process, and make it as simple as possible. If you choose to go with Safe Haven Roofing and Restoration, they will take care of communicating with your insurance company and all the other messy details.


One of the biggest questions both Deborah and Mike get is when to call a roofing company or an insurance company? People also ask, should you call your insurance if you suspect a roof issue? According to Mike Donadic, you should call a reputable roofing company first. Why? Because if you call an insurance company to ask about your roof, it’s logged as a claim.


You typically only get two claims in five years before the company will cancel your claim. If you get cancelled, it’s kind of like a credit score for your insurance company. By calling a reputable roofing company to come take a look, you’ll first know if there is a good reason for filing a claim. If you call the insurance company, even without filing a claim, it will count against you and increase your premiums. Even if you don’t want to file a claim in order to keep your premiums low, the insurance companies go by zip code and you have a contractual agreement to contact them if there is a large issue.


Come listen as Deborah and Mike discuss some funny, and not-so-funny stories about why it’s important to have your roof inspected by a reputable, local roofing company like Safe Haven Roofing and Restoration.


To contact Safe Haven Roofing and Restoration, call Mike Donadic at (719) 799-3526 or you can find them online at


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