Ready to Downsize Your Home?

Ready to Downsize Your Home?


Frequently, clients call Deborah and say they are ready to downsize their home, but don’t know where to start. Some people have been accumulating things for over 20 years and can’t bear to part with those items, or don’t know what is safe to clean out.


Today, Deborah Elliott-Shultz discusses with professional organizer Gina Caughey of A Call to Order what it means to downsize.


Terms like decluttering, downsizing, and minimalism are thrown about without much thought as to what each of these things really means.


  • Decluttering: Basically, you declutter because you want to live better in the space you have. A lot of times clutter is the lack of making decisions about an item, then those items start to accumulate. Or you have a space, like a closet, and you need it to work better for you.


  • Downsizing: This is a choice when you want to have a smaller home, move to be closer to family, or getting ready to move into a retirement community. It’s basically a choice made that you don’t want the responsibility of a large home anymore. Example: Move from a 2,000 sq. ft. to 1,000 sq. ft. home. Most people think because you’re decreasing by 50%, you should remove 50% of items. Actually, it’s about an 80-85% reduction of things in order to have elbowroom.


  • Minimalism: The tiny house movement is leading the way for this mindset. Minimalists have little in the way of decoration and items. “To have knowledge means needing less.” It’s kind of the inspiration of minimalism. Do the things in your life bring your joy or happiness, or is it weighing me down? With a minimalist mindset, if it doesn’t bring your joy or happiness, it doesn’t belong.


These are the big broad strokes. Do you have to declutter to downsize? Yes. But it’s more of a symbiotic relationship. If you’re going to take on a minimalist mindset, yes, you will need to declutter. However, that doesn’t mean you have to downsize your home.


Gina’s biggest hint to accomplish a productive decluttering time? Decide on your priorities. There is a checklist on A Call to Order’s website to help you get out from under chaos and asks questions to help you determine your priorities.


Talking about decluttering, can be extremely emotional for some people. Gina has worked with hoarders and is certified to help hoarders deal with this specific issue because it can be very difficult for hoarders to go through this process. Sometimes a hoarder or someone trying to help a hoarder will buy a book for minimalists. These books come with checklists to help determine what can be removed, but these books are not appropriate for hoarders.


If you’re in a situation where you’re overwhelmed, Gina will come help you declutter without judging or harshness.


Whether it’s to declutter, downsize, organize, or get your home ready to move, you can reach Gina at (719) 231-5425 or you can go to to find out all of the things this amazing team can do.


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