Resale vs. New Build

Resale vs. New Build


Resale vs New build


Which is better—to buy a resale home or a new build? The biggest question to consider when answering this question is where would you like to live?


In Colorado Springs proper, we’re mostly built up. There’s some new builds up North and out East (Banning Lewis Ranch and Lorson Ranch), but it’s mostly in the outskirts like Monument and Falcon. When determining which style of home you would prefer, it’s important to consider a few key factors:


What should you look for in a new build home? Depending on the type of builder (tract, semi-custom, or custom), you will get to choose your layout and features. If you’re in your 40s-50s, you’ll want to consider if this is going to be your last house and do you want to have stairs or not. Also, most new home builds come with a warranty. As for location, what amenities come with the home, such as community center, pools, schools, and walking paths?


Before you decide which builder you would like to go with, though, make sure to check out their online reviews. You want to make sure that the company will please it’s customer and will follow through with maintenance. Always remember, if you’re meeting with a builder and you’re not getting a good “vibe,” find another builder. You’re the one paying for this house and you have a right to be picky…within reason.


For a resale home you’ll want to make sure there are mature trees and landscaping. Something to remember about established neighborhoods is that the population tends to be older. Also, if you have to have a home right away, you’ll want to buy a resale.


Some amenities that people don’t often discuss with resale homes is that they will often have a formal dining room and a formal living room. If you buy an older resale home, it also has a different feel—one that is unique, has character and interesting architecture.


Before you settle on either one, go to some open houses of both options. You might discover that you prefer one over the other.


No matter what you’re looking for in a new home build or a resale home, both have a different timeline for the purchase. Deborah has experience with both. Give her a call at (719) 641-1357 and she’ll be glad to help you purchase a home you’ll enjoy.