Safe Haven Roofing and Restoration

Safe Haven Roofing and Restoration


Colorado Springs experienced rain for two full months from June until the beginning of August. How did your roof fair?


The roof on your home doesn’t just keep you dry, it also protects your home like the shell on a turtle. If there’s a leak or a problem with the roof, water will find it’s way through and cause problems elsewhere, such as ceilings, electrical systems, walls, and other places. Which is why it’s so important to call a local reputable roofing company!


Being out in the elements all day every day creates a bit of wear and tear on a roof. For some reason, in Colorado we have the mindset of “replace the whole thing,” but that’s not always necessary. A lot of roofers will encourage this because it’s more money for the roofer. However, why replace the whole roof when there’s only a small issue that can be repaired? By maintaining and repairing those small things, your insurance rates stay low.


Listen to Deborah speak with Mike of Safe Haven Roofing and Restoration about their free roof inspections, their level of customer service in filing claims as well as project management, and the importance of using a local roofing company. You can contact the people at Safe Haven Roofing and Restoration (719) 799-3526, to schedule your free roof inspection or for any questions you might have about your roof.


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