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As a real estate broker, Deborah always has her sellers get a roof inspection before listing. The reason behind this is quite simple. In Colorado Springs, the weather can get kind of crazy and your roof is outside in the elements all the time. Therefore, there is a high likelihood that a roof needs repair work. By getting a roof pre-inspected, your selling process will go that much smoother.


After your house goes under contract, and if the home inspection comes back that your roof isn’t right, the buyer could walk. Mortgage companies have been known to refuse a mortgage for this very reason. And insurance companies do have the right to not insure a home’s roof.


Today, Deborah welcomes Mike Donadic of Safe Haven Roofing and Restoration to discuss what to expect with a roofing inspection, why those factors are important, and a few crazy reasons it’s important to hire a reputable roofing company to do your roof.


First of all, with Safe Haven Roofing and Restoration, the inspection is free. When Mike comes out to inspect your roof, he’ll take pictures of your house, address, and any roof issues that present themselves. Then he’ll sit down with you and discuss what is going on with your roof and his recommendations for any repair work that may need to be done. He’ll even help get your insurance company involved, if need be, and meet with the adjuster to make sure every detail gets addressed.


Today, Deborah and Mike also discuss the different types of shingles available, why he recommends impact-resistant shingles, and some things to consider if you decide to upgrade. Not only that, but the weather in Colorado Springs can also cause other property damage. Safe Haven Roofing and Restoration is able to be a general contractor and take care of all your outdoor home needs and makes sure that any other contractors they bring in are not only licensed, but also carry all the required insurances.


To contact Safe Haven Roofing and Restoration with any questions, their website is or you can call them at (719) 799-3526.


Have more questions? Want to know more about the flat listing fee? Contact Deborah at (719)641-1357.