Sarah’s Home with Vicki Proffit

Sarah’s Home with Vicki Proffit




If you know of someone who might be involved in sex trafficking, please call the national hotline at 888-373-7888. Do not approach a girl you think might be in trouble, you could inadvertently put her in danger with her pimp. To find out how to protect your child and to find out what the danger signs are has some helpful information.


November and December are a time for giving. At the City of CS Show, we like to highlight nonprofits in the Colorado Springs area. Maybe you’re strapped for cash and you’re not sure if what you can give will make a difference. You’d be surprised at how much these nonprofits can stretch a buck!


We have an amazing number of Nonprofits in our area. The money you give to them goes to our community. Last Deborah checked, Colorado Springs had more nonprofits than any other place in the states.


Crimes against women and children are on the rise. One of those crimes is human trafficking. Why are you talking about this during the holidays? There is a nonprofit here that helps people that have been caught up in human trafficking. It’s surprising at how common it is. Not only is it an international, but it’s also right here in Colorado Springs.


When a town grows, it becomes a city and we end up with city issues. Today, Deborah Elliott-Shultz speaks with Vicky Proffit, Executive Director of Sarah’s Home, about the issue of human trafficking in Colorado Springs and what Sarah’s Home is doing to help victims of this community issue.


How common is sex trafficking in Colorado Springs? It’s all over our region from the poorest areas to the wealthiest. The most common age to be pulled into human trafficking is 11! The internet is the most common way to pull people into trafficking.


Every child and adult has a place in their heart that want to be told they’re beautiful and worth attention, approval and acceptance Single parent children are especially vulnerable to this. And the internet makes them even more vulnerable to falling prey to people who would take advantage of this pain.


In Colorado Springs, we are fortunate that the police department is hyper-vigilant. They have plans in place, are very educated, and are very well trained in how to rescue the vulnerable.


It’s not just girls who are vulnerable. It is both boys and girls. For the first time last year, the FBI rescued as many boys as girls.


Did you know that 1 out of every 4 girls will be sexually abused before the age of 18?


Sarah’s Home is a place for rescue. It is licensed by the state of Colorado for rescued, sex-trafficked girls ages 12-18 years old. Sarah’s Home was given their current property for $1. The building has been renovated and has 5 bedrooms. There’s even a playground with a zipline. The property also houses an accredited school with accredited teachers. The girls who live on property have either had no education or it “looks like swiss cheese.” The teachers fast track a girl if she is close to 18. But otherwise, the teachers work with the girls to catch them up from where they are.


There are only 20 beds in all of Colorado for trafficked girls. Sarah’s Home has been licensed for 8 of those. Unfortunately, there aren’t currently any safe havens for boys. However, a woman in Denver is working to make that happen.


No matter the parental situation, Sarah’s Home encourage family relationships. We can keep the girls longer by not taking government money. This purposeful decision protects the girls by preparing their home of origin so that both the girls and the family can be successful…that they are worthy of a good life.


Because Sarah’s Home is a home, they are always in need of anything a home needs, things such as toilet paper, paper towels, dishes, groceries, etc. The home doesn’t have a lot of storage, so actual clothes would be difficult.


Gift cards to movies, clothing stores, activities, etc. are also welcomes so the girls have opportunities to remember what it’s like to be a kid.


If you are interested in donating time, goods, or money to Sarah’s Home, call Vicki at (970) 901-9156. The needs are wide and long. Anything you can do to help would be an immense blessing to this small non-profit.


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