Showing your home during the holidays

Showing your home during the holidays



D.S. Blog: Gina Caughey


Welcome to City of CS Show! The holidays are coming up and some people are on décor overload. But if you’re selling your home, how do you balance the holidays and showings? Today, Gina Caughey of A Call to Order joins Deborah Elliott-Shultz to discuss the least stressful way to show your home well during the holiday season.


First, when packing to move look at your house and determine which areas of your home you don’t use all the time, such as a guest bedroom, and pack that room up. This decreases stress on both you and your family.


And don’t just hide all your packed-up stuff in the garage. Buyers want to make sure their cars fit in the garage.


You can pack your stuff and put it neatly in a closet. Buyers do like to look in closets, kitchen cabinets, drawers, etc. They don’t typically look in dresser drawers (personal property) or areas that are not built into the house because that’s not going to stay. But if it’s a built-in, the prospective buyers will look because it’s part of the actual home that will be staying.


Another thing to remember while packing is to get rid of all the things that aren’t essential. If you haven’t worn or used an item since 19??, then it’s okay to give it away or throw it away.


Bedroom, bathroom, working office, etc., make sure those rooms are nice and neat, but these rooms don’t have to be packed up until last. As an added hint, don’t pack up the sentimental stuff first because you’ll stall out and get lost in the memories.


Every room should have a focal point. The focal points are often the bed in the master bedroom or the fireplace mantel in living room. Putting a giant stuffed animal in a kids room will create a focal point that overwhelms the space so maybe consider putting the oversized stuffed animals away.


If you’re a highly visual person, use clear containers. But for packing, it should be opaque because you don’t want everybody to know what’s in it. Uniformity makes a big difference. When marking the boxes, be discreet. Suggestions: Box 1, Box 2, Box 3, etc, then list out the contents for each box in a document that only you have access to.


Also, keep in mind that even though we live in a dry state, be careful with plastic boxes because they do keep moisture in them which can cause mildew.


If you store boxes on the floor all kinds of things can find their way into the boxes. Spiders, earwigs, snakes, even mice have been known to find their way into the boxes.


When showing your home, consider not decorating your home for the holiday season. Many times, buyers can’t see the house through the décor and their future life their.


However, your house does need to have curb appeal. Consider a tasteful wreath on your door, it looks nice and sets the stage for a welcoming home. Staging with the holiday in mind can make a dining space look nice. Even some festive hand towels in the restrooms add a delicate touch of holiday cheer.  But don’t put gifts under the tree. You don’t know who’s coming to your home, but also sometimes little kids get the wrong idea that the presents are from them. Another consideration are little boxes on the tree, they often signify jewelry and are easy to just slip into a coat pocket.


Be cautious with religious décor and strong scents. Nativity scenes are very personal, and can off-put someone who is coming in. Also, scents can be overwhelming and will turn people away. If you want to have a scent, localize it to the kitchen. If the scent is too strong, people think you’re trying to hide something. What might be not a big deal to you, might be a big deal to others.


Remember less is more when selling a house. Your prospective buyers have to be able to visualize living there.


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