Silver Key Senior Services

Silver Key Senior Services

In the months of November and December, we take a break from our normal line-up of all things real estate. Instead, we take this time to give back to the community by interviewing different non-profit organizations to help you decide which organizations you might want to send your holiday contributions.


The holidays are when most of these organizations make their money to operate during the upcoming year.


Last year, a lady with only $20 to give contacted Deborah wanting an idea about which organization to donate it to. Deborah told her why not divvy it up and give a little bit here and a little bit there. The woman thought this was a great idea! But why would it work? Because so many of the nonprofits interviewed on this show know how to stretch a buck.


There’s always somebody less fortunate than you, even though you may be in a bad situation yourself. But you know, if you have a roof over your head, you’re farther ahead than a lot of people that you see down at the Creek. So if you can spare a dime, $1, $20, $100, whatever it may be, the organizations mentioned on the City of CS show would be more than happy to stretch your financial donation and use it to help our people in our area.


Today, Deborah Elliott-Shultz welcomes Derek Wilson the Director of Development and Donor Relations for Silver Key.


Many people see the little Silver Key vans driving around town transporting people to wherever they need to go. It’s a very unique non-profit.


This local nonprofit has been around for almost 50 years, in fact they will be celebrating their 50th year in 2020. They are committed to making Colorado Springs the best community in the nation to age and do that by preserving the dignity and independence of our aging neighbors by providing essential services such as the Reserve and Ride Transportation program, home delivered meals, including the Meals on Wheels nutrition program, and other varied senior assistance offerings.


As part of Silver Key’s senior assistance, they offer a food pantry which is for emergency services if they have a need. They see about 1200 seniors a month come through for that unique program. By the way, about 10% or about 120 of those a month that come through also have a child with them full time because something has happened in their family and now they are caregivers for their grandchildren.


The other part of the nutrition program, the food program, is home delivered meals, including Meals on Wheels. It’s kind of two different aspects. The home delivered meals is a convenient low-cost way to have 3, 5, 7 or 10 meals delivered per week and they get a choice each day of two different options in order to have a convenient, delicious, nutritious meal delivered right to their home. And in a very similar fashion for those who qualify for the federal program, Meals on Wheels delivers to their home at no cost to them.


Silver Key has an award winning chef at their facility 1605 South Murray. They invite folks to come visit the campus, take a tour, and meet with them. It’s a great way to serve seniors and one of the ways to help them remain independent by reducing certain things that are a burden like the cost of food, or the struggle that standing for long periods cooking in the kitchen.


“And we know that if they’re able to do that, that improves the quality of life sharing that usually comes increasing quantity of life.” The Silver Key meals program feeds 60 plus neighbors on a monthly basis and about 2,000+ unique seniors each month. Over the course of the year. Over 7,000 unique seniors are served. So the need is great.


An added bonus to the Meal on Wheels program is that the volunteers check in on the elderly population. If there seems to be a problem or something out of the ordinary, the volunteer can contact people to come help. Likewise, local authorities contact Silver Key if someone is found to need their help.


The need for Silver Key is growing as the population here grows and as the population ages.


Another meals program Silver Key offers is the Connections Cafe. It’s a place where Seniors can get a nutritious meal. While the suggested donation is $2.25, no senior is turned away for inability to pay. And, if the senior has a non-eligible guest they would like to bring along, they can make reservations and can join in for $6 per meal.


Silver Key also has a transportation program. The Reserve and Ride transportation program is a convenient way for folks that want to or need to get around that don’t have a vehicle or have reduced household costs by getting rid of their cars. A senior who needs transportation can go on the website or call 884-2380 to register and schedule a ride. They are asked for serve about 250 rides per day.


Unfortunately, Silver Key has had to turn down about 100-150 requests a day because there is such a need for both drivers and vehicles. Currently, they have a fleet of over 30 vehicles and over 600 volunteers. But with so many requests a day, the need is so great they can always use more.


If you’re interested in volunteering for Silver Key, you can go onto and click on Volunteer.


Between the Meals on Wheels, Connections Cafe, and Ride program there are a lot of ways to serve and give with Silver Key. But let’s also take a look at one of Silver Key’s best kept secrets, their Silver Key Friend’s Thrift Store. It’s located at 1605 South Murray in Colorado Springs.


The Thrift Store operates off of donations. There are a lot of Thrift Stores in town to choose from to donate and buy from, but everything you give or buy from this store goes right back into the services that Silver Key offers and provides for clients and the community.


Donations of durable home goods such as coffee makers, waffle makers, games, puzzles, and movies. While they’re pretty good on clothes, they’ll never say no. One thing that’s really cool about the Silver Key thrift store, too, is that they have home medical equipment and durable home adaptive medical equipment at a just a fraction of the cost. So canes, walkers wheelchairs, both electric and manual. They are also in need of things that aren’t “sexy” such as toilet paper and incontinent products. But for those in need, these are very expensive. We offer them at a fraction of the cost.


What does Silver Key need for Christmas?


Time, talent, and treasure. Silver Key can only operate because of people who donate not only their money, but also their time.


If you would like to donate your time, talent, or treasure, even to take a tour of the campus, the best way to contact Silver Key is through their website


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