Springs Rescue Mission

Springs Rescue Mission



During the month of December, Deborah highlights different non-profit organizations in the Pikes Peak area because this is the time of year these organizations raise the majority of their funds to keep them running for the following year. Today, she is joined by Stu Davis, the Community Relations Director of Springs Rescue Mission (SRM).


This amazing organization works hard with people in poverty and the working poor, men with addictions in a long-term treatment facility, and people who are facing homelessness as well as the chronically homeless.


The vast majority of the chronically homeless deal with mental health and trauma issues. These people do not have much of a support network and turn to addictions as a coping mechanism.


75% of the homeless in Colorado Springs are from here and want to put their life back together here. Sometimes people are here for the marijuana, but these transients, once they burn through their resources, will move on because this is not an easy place to live on the streets.


The Springs Rescue Mission run two overnight shelters, one that can sleep 230 men and the second that sleeps 70 women. During this time of year, they run at capacity. While their shelters do not serve families, SRM does provide about 800 families per month through a food pantry and a clothing store.


With the new expanded campus, SRM not only provides breakfast and dinner every day, but also has a Day Center that provides some private and government services. Some of the ways the Day Center helps this segment of the population is through the Department of Human Services with Social Security, SNAP cards, food stamps and other basic government services. They also have offices for the V.A. for verterans, Aspen Pointe for mental health care, Peak Vista health care for low income individuals, and Pikes Peak Workforce. This way the people SRM serves are able to access the help they need in one location instead of walking miles and miles to access each different service.


In August of 2016, SRM served 1500 people. In August of 2017, that number increased significantly to 15,000 because of the expanded facility.


From working in the food kitchen to the clothing store, from the shelter to the day services facility there are so many ways to get involved with Springs Rescue Mission:

  • Material Donations of food, blankets, towels, hygiene products, and cold weather clothing are particularly helpful
  • Volunteering you time in the shelter, dining area, or any number of other places for teens and adults (due to the nature of the people they serve, they ask that children not volunteer at the campus, but can cooperate in a clothing or food drive).
  • Monetary donations are always helpful, as well. $5 can feed a person in the shelter for an entire week!


Most of the time, these people just lack supportive relationships, and SRM provides a place where that’s possible.


There’s a hidden nugget about giving to the Springs Rescue Mission that benefits both you and SRM, come listen to find out about the hidden nugget as well as all the amazing things Springs Rescue Mission is doing for the homeless and poor in Colorado Springs. To find out more information you can look them up at www.springsrescuemission.org or call (719) 632-1822.


If you would like more information about this or anything real estate, contact Deborah Elliott-Shultz at (719) 641-1357. And remember, it’s never too late to become the person you were meant to be.