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Urban Peak


In the months of November and December, we take a break from our normal line-up of all things real estate. Instead, we take this time to give back to the community by interviewing different non-profit organizations to help you decide which organizations you might want to send your holiday contributions.


The holidays are when most of these organizations make their money to operate during the upcoming year.


Last year, a lady with only $20 to give contacted Deborah wanting an idea about which organization to donate it to. Deborah told her why not divvy it up and give a little bit here and a little bit there. The woman thought this was a great idea! But why would it work? Because so many of the nonprofits interviewed on this show know how to stretch a buck.


There’s always somebody less fortunate than you, even though you may be in a bad situation yourself. But you know, if you have a roof over your head, you’re farther ahead than a lot of people that you see down at the Creek. So if you can spare a dime, $1, $20, $100, whatever it may be, the organizations mentioned on the City of CS show would be more than happy to stretch your financial donation and use it to help our people in our area.


Have you ever wondered where homeless teens go? We’re talking about kids from 15 up to twenty. What happens to them when they’re homeless? Do they go to adult shelters? I would hope not. We don’t want kids in adult shelters for a number of reasons. But you know, it does happen in the city. There are runaways and kids that are not in a good environment and they need to be rescued.


Today, Deborah Elliott-Shultz welcomes Courtney Deuser with Urban Peak.


What is Urban Peak and what’s the history?


Urban Peak is the local shelter and overall resource center for homeless youth ages 15 to 24 in the Pikes Peak region. An outreach team goes out on the street and meets the kids where they’re at in order to start to building necessary relationships and trust so they feel safe to come to Urban Peak.


So many times something has happened in their past and an adult has let them down, an institution has let them down. The relationships the outreach teams build is crucial to getting these kids resources, everything from a simple as a bottle of water to socks, to helping them get their driver’s license or an ID.


There is also the shelter facility. It’s a 20 bed shelter located downtown in Colorado Springs for ages 15 to 20. Because the Urban Peak shelter is licensed as a child care facility, they are very careful around those age parameters. Right now, they are full most days.


Another program Urban Peak provides for these kids is Education Employment Services. Just because they don’t have a home doesn’t mean that they they shouldn’t be able to continue to access any school that they had been attending. Can you imagine how amazing it is to see a school bus pull up in front of the shelter and pick up a young person and take them to school? According to Courtney, “It’s pretty awesome.”


Urban Peak started in 2000 as a group of individuals that had some background working with youth corrections and homeless populations. There were strong correlations between the two and they realized the need for a specific organization or institution to help this specific age range because it is so different than their adult counterparts.


Most people think that the kids in need of help are runaways. While, yes, some of the kids are runaways, the large majority of these young people come out of foster care. When a child hits the age of 18, they “age out” of the system and don’t have anywhere to go, there is no family to call for help. Urban Peak also sees families in general experiencing homelessness.


A family experiencing homelessness might have to be split up for a certain amount of time. When this is the case, the younger person can come into this facility and get this care that they directly need while the parents are able to access a shelter somewhere else at a different facility.


Urban Peak sometimes hears about kids in need of help from other places like the Springs Rescue Mission, sometimes they hear from homeless adults who are concerned about a kid they saw. It’s a partnership with the community.


What kinds of things does Urban Peak need? There are a lot of needs, and many of them can be addressed with financial donations, but there is also always a need for things like socks, underwear, food, bottles of water, sleeping bags, blankets, towles, insect repellant, sunscreen, full sized toiletries, and other things you would need for a house like cleaning supplies, paper towels, etc.


A lot of funds come from government grants, but they also accept gifts from individuals.

We see a lot of our funds come from grants, specifically government grants. However, this year, we did see a deficit because we did not receive one that we were actually counting on. So we’re really focusing on individual giving this year and into the next fiscal year. So a lot of individuals then yes, and kind of, like, for lack of a better word, they typed you every month, that sort of thing. Um, yeah, or they can give through, you know, of course, we can do that we can set them up to give monthly, you know, if they want to give a one time gift, that’s also fine. Of course, they can check out how to do that on our website. Yeah, what is your website is www dot Urban peak.org. And when you get there, we actually share this website with the urban peak in Denver. But it’s really easy, you can just click on Colorado Springs and find the the give here. That’s where we also keep our most recent needs lists. So we do update those on a pretty regular basis. Yeah, because it is it’s very seasonal, you know, like obviously, we need more sunscreen and things like that. And insect repellent in the in the summertime but now we like hand warmers and socks and right and blankets.


Last year, Urban Peak served 601 individuals in some capacity. That is huge and it’s up from 548 the previous year. The hard truth is that because the numbers are growing, Urban Peak just doesn’t have the ability to help shelter all of those in need.


Come listen to find out some creative ways to help provide assistance to Urban Peak. If you’re interested in giving a gift or volunteering you can find out more information by going to www.urbanpeak.org and clicking on Colorado Springs because the Urban Peak of Denver shares the website. From this website, you can also find out about Urban Peaks current needs list by clicking on “Needs” at www.urbanpeak.org/coloradosprings. To call Urban Peak for more information, you can reach them at 719-630-3223.


In October, November, and December the City of CS Show and Deborah Elliott-Shultz highlights non-profit organizations that provide community assistance to the Pikes Peak region. Since end-of-year giving is upon us, Deborah quickly recaps all the non-profit organizations that hope you would like to donate to:

  • Sarah’s Home provides a sanctuary for girls rescued from sex trafficking. To donate or get involved, contact Vicki Proffit at 970-901-9156 or find out more information at sarahshome.us.
  • The Salvation Army does so much in the community from a homeless shelter to feeding people to substance abuse recovery programs to toy drives, they help in so many ways. To give contact 719-884-1061 or go to coloradosprings.salvationarmy.org.
  • Care and Share provides food to 31 counties in Colorado, partnering with numerous meal programs. To get involved, call 719-528-1247 or go to careandshare.org.
  • Springs Rescue Mission provides a pathway out of homelessness for everyone in the Colorado Springs area. Their number is 719-966-1316. You can also find out how to donate or get involved at springsrescuemission.org.
  • Silver Key improves the quality of life for senior citizens in Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas. To get involved or donate go to silverkey.org.
  • Casa is an organization that advocates for children in the court system. To donate or get involved, call 719-447-9898 or go to their website at https://www.casappr.org.
  • Habitat for Humanity and it’s affiliate Re-store provides homes for those who probably would not be able to qualify for their own home to conventional type of home loans. To donate or get involved, call 719-475-7800 or check out their website at org.
  • Urban Peak ignites the potential in youth to exit homelessness and create self-determined and productive lives. To donate call 719-630-3223 or find out the many ways you can get involved with this organization at org and click on Colorado Springs.

If you have any questions regarding these organizations feel free to contact them, or give Deborah a call 719-641-1357. All these organizations are in need of your volunteerism and also for your cash donations. So, please consider them before the end of the year.


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Hey it’s the end of the year! I just want to wish you a Happy New Year and I want to thank you for tuning into the city of CS Show this entire year. Next year we’re going into our sixth year so I hope you follow me into 2019.


Again, Happy New Year! Take care, God bless, be safe, do not drink and drive, and certainly don’t text and drive. Thanks so much, again, and remember it’s never too late become the person you’re meant to be.



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