City of CS with Mike Tinlin of Classic Homes

City of CS with Mike Tinlin of Classic Homes



No matter why you live here or moved here, we can all pretty much agree that we are very fortunate to live in a community with clean air and clean water. Not to mention a drop dead, gorgeous landscape.


We can also agree that having a roof over your head is pretty important. It can be very pricey to rent a home here. So, the question becomes will you rent or buy? If you’re going to use a VA loan, not put any money down, and be here less than five years, buying a house will put you upside down in debt. However, if you’re using an FHA or Conventional loan, then why not buy?


When it comes to buying a home in Colorado Springs, Classic Homes is the household word. They’ve been named “Best of the Springs” 9 years in a row! Plus, they’re a preferred builder in the area. There is a good reason for this. Classic Homes keeps the customer in mind with a mission statement that sets them apart because their goal is to serve others before they serve themselves by doing what’s right for the customer and keeping their thumb on the marketplace to offer living solutions that meet the needs of most consumers.


Their quality work is set apart because they not only build to above code requirements, they also partner with their customers and real estate agents to provide a thorough and exceptional customer experience. In fact, through a third party customer service agency Classic Homes was ranked #1 in the nation in design selection experience.


Join Deborah today as she speaks with Mike Tinlin to find out the secret of Classic Homes’ ability to focus so much on their clients that meeting with them is often compared to sitting down over a cup of coffee with friends.