Covington Homes

Covington Homes


‘We Stand Apart.’ This is Covington Homes, where our team members are nationally recognized for our craftsmanship and customer service, and where decades of homebuilding tradition come together to build something altogether new.


We Stand Apart. Always. That is why Covington Homes has decided to take the lead in responsible and efficient building, and we have embarked on our latest cause‘We Build it Better.’

This is our trademark name for building a better home. At Covington Homes we KNOWthat we build every home with a higher level of quality and attention to detail than others. Why? It’s simple really; our Team is here to help our homeowners live a better life.

Our Homes are not like other ‘Code-Built’ homes- they not only meet but Exceed Code. There are so many sustainable and QUALITY components to our Homes; we can’t contain our excitement about it! We get to wake up each day to build a better home and share that experience with our Covington Homeowners. WOW! It can’t get much better than that.

Our Customer Service is Above and Beyond the rest, and Our Covington Culture is contagious! We collaborate, have fun, and build relationships with our homeowners. And our communities are FANTASTIC! Come to one of our MANY social events, drop by our beautiful model homes, call us, text us, Facebook us, or contact us any way you choose! We are looking forward to meeting you and sharing why we ‘Build it Better.’