Critiquing a home to sell and refinishing floors

Critiquing a home to sell and refinishing floors


It may be a seller’s market, but that doesn’t mean you can neglect some basic changes to sell your home. Deborah Elliot-Schultz, as part of her selling process for clients, will critique a home and make recommendations to help with the selling process. Some of those critique items include:

  • Condition of the home. Some loans won’t go through because of chipped paint, roof issues, or other problems related to the condition of the home. The companies providing the loans are trying to make sure their clients are getting a good, solid home that has been taken care of.
  • Placement of furniture. Sometimes, there is too much furniture in a room, and it may be quite lovely as a full set, but buyers often have to see the space that’s available. Based on what’s going on with a room, Deborah might ask the sellers to move some pieces out of the room. But don’t put it in the garage. Rent a storage space to put extraneous belongings. Yes, you will have to pay to rent a unit, however, you will make that money up when the house sells.
  • Placement and Type of Pictures. Some people recommend taking down family photos. Unless you are in a profession that family photos could be problematic, Deborah recommends leaving them up! It helps buyers see the house as more than the walls and floors. It creates the feeling of a warm and caring home for their own family. One of the few times Deborah recommends taking down pictures of people is when those pictures contain “birthday suits.” Some buyers might find it funny, but most find it offensive because it’s a TMI (too much information) issue.
  • Condition of the floor and walls. The 1st thing buyers see is the curb appeal factors. Things such as paint, roof, front yard. Is it a nice looking house with a well-maintained yard? But the 2nd thing they pay attention to are the floors and walls inside the house. What’s the state of your walls? Do they need to be repainted, cleaned, or patched? If you have old carpet, you might need to have that replaced. But for hardwood floors, do they need to be refinished.


To discuss refinishing hardwood floors, Deborah welcomes Brittany McClintic of Mr. Sandless on today’s show.


The thing that separates the Mr. Sandless method from other methods, is that they are a green company whose product and service is safe for children, pets, the elderly, and those with lung conditions. It is also useful for businesses so they don’t have to close down for a long period of time.


Most floor refinishing processes are arduous tasks. The wood has to be sanded down and that’s when the danger starts. Polyurethane (used in both hardwoods and laminate) is carcinogenic once it becomes airborn-and once sanded, has a tendency to get into the HVAC system and everywhere else. Other risks of the normal process is loss of flooring because Colorado Springs has mostly soft wood flooring like pine and fir, and there’s a possibility of 2-3 weeks before being able to occupy the space again.


The Mr. Sandless method can be accomplished relatively quickly with 1,000 sq. ft. per day and is 50-60% less expensive. Plus, it can be used safely on Pergo and other laminate flooring, as well as difficult flooring like bamboo. Want more good news? Their process is also more durable than the traditional method. They recommend having the floor looked at every five years, but generally won’t need to be refinished again for 7-10 years.


Their process uses non-toxic solutions and sealants. Plus, clients have a choice of flat matte, satin, semi-gloss, and high gloss finishes for the topcoat sealant.


Two hours after the topcoat is applied, clients can get back into their home as long as they wear socks or stocking feet because the topcoat is still curing. But it’s completely ready in 24 hours to move back the furniture and bring in the kids and pets.


A couple helpful hints from Mr. Sandless about wood floor care: 1) follow the after-care procedures so your floor looks amazing for years to come, and 2) please don’t use products like Orange Glow because it’s sticky and can trap impurities and dirt between the layers making it look dull or grimy before it should.


One of the amazing things about how Brittany and her husband run Mr. Sandless is that for every floor completed, they donate to “Alex’s Lemonade Stand” benefitting children’s cancer research.


You can contact the Mr. Sandless business office Monday-Friday 8:30a-5p at (719) 434-1415. You can find them online at to find out more information or contact them.


To get ahold of Deborah Elliot-Shultz for a critique, to find out more information about her flat fee listing, or even if you have other questions regarding the show call (719) 641-1357.