Deborah with Roger Lovell: Building Permits

Deborah with Roger Lovell: Building Permits


Permits: An important step before listing your home


Did you or a previous owner finish out the basement or have a new roof installed? How about get a new water heater? Do you have a new deck? If you have had any mechanical, electrical, plumbing or building take place on your property since it was built, then there should have been a permit issued for those repairs, changes, and modifications.


Today, Deborah speaks with Roger Lovell of the Pikes Peak Regional Building Department to find out the importance of permits in the listing process. When you are selling or buying a home, having permits for previous work is part of the process. The Pikes Peak Regional Building Department (PPRD) issues licenses for contractors to make repairs and changes to a home after they have passed a testing process, demonstrated knowledge and experience in their particular trade, and have proof of insurance. In order to obtain a permit, the contractor needs to hold a PPRBD license and carry insurances in order to protect the homeowner to make sure their home is code compliant and safe to live in.


But the PPRBD is not there to be punitive. They understand that some things are out of the homeowners control and are happy to help pull “prior to” permits. When they come out to check on the safety of any work done (previous or current), they really are there to ensure the safety of your home.


To pull permits, discover if your contractor is licensed, or to find out more information about upgrading or fixing your home you can contact the Pikes Peak Regional Building Department at (719) 327-2880 or online at