Readying Your House For Sale

Readying Your House For Sale


City of CS selling prepIn her show City of CS, Deborah along with the producer of the show Andrew have given some handy tips for prospective sellers. Given that first impressions matter and that the buyers usually take one look at the house to decide whether it will suit their needs or not, it makes good business sense to present your house in the best possible light. A few small details, if taken care of, can make the difference between interest or rejection. Here are some area-wise inputs that would spruce up your house so that the buyers can find it an attractive investment.


  • The Yard and Lawn Area. The outside of your home matters as much as the indoors. The yard should look inviting, with the grass trimmed and aerated, hose put away or folded and kept in a corner, garage door looking tidy and steps shovelled during winters, among other things. Besides presenting a pretty picture, this also shows the buyer that you are taking good care of the house.


  • The entryway should be a free movement area so remove all clutter like shoes, umbrellas, overcoats, etc from there and store them neatly in a closet. Keep the entryway closets tidy so that they give the impression that there’s a lot of room for storage. In no case should the closets be filled to capacity because besides looking tardy, they give an impression of being small.


  • Living Room. Living room should look inviting so clear the coffee table, side tables, sofas and settees of any stuff which should not be there like old magazines, empty cereal boxes, unwashed cups and plates, half opened cans, etc. All surfaces should look clean and cared for such that the buyer can see himself living and relaxing there. Change the lightbulbs from dull yellow to bright white so that the rooms look airy and welcoming.


  • Kitchen. A clean kitchen sells the home, such is its appeal. Make sure that all appliances are in working order and in the same color, mismatched appliances are a strict no-no ; oven should be clean as should be the kitchen counters. Any leftovers on the counter, cracked countertops, broken and stuffed cabinets with hanging handles, sticky cabinet doors, dusty window sills, dull fixtures, cobwebs in the kitchen, etc can all be deal breakers.


  • Basement should be neat and any storage should be well arranged leaving enough room for the buyer to walk through and inspect the furnace, water heater, condition of the floor and other such things that show the age of the house. If well kept, the basement can be one of the most attractive areas in a house.


  • The garage should look organised with enough space available to house two cars. If your garage is being used as a storage area, then make sure that you empty it before any viewing. Once you have made the decision to put the house on sale, you can hire a warehouse to house all extra items so that there is enough room everywhere in your house.


  • Since bedrooms are private spaces, they can be smelly too especially if there are animals and kids at home. You can mask the smell with some well placed flowers and mild air fresheners. Make sure that the smell is not overpowering or it will have the opposite effect. Also beds should be made and all clothes stored properly in closets.


  • Bathrooms need to look sparkly clean and all surfaces including the toilets, mirrors, tiles, vinyl surface, vanity, WC and floor should look clean and hygienic. Nothing puts off a buyer more than a smelly or dirty bathroom.


Before inviting buyers to your home, ask your realtor for tips on how to present your house in the best possible light. To sell your house quickly, you need to make a good first impression and it all starts from your home.