Financial Setbacks and Ways to Overcome Them

Financial Setbacks and Ways to Overcome Them



Sometimes, life doesn’t go the way you expect and financial setbacks take place. Today, Deborah is joined by a nationally recognized expert in personal finance, Jordan Goodman, to help provide direction to get back on financial track.


To begin, if the financial setback occurs because of a divorce, there are two things you will need to concentrate on in order to bring your finances back in order. First, you will want to completely separate your money and begin to establish your credit identity. Second, you will want to find a mediator for the divorce.


After these things have been seen to, or if they are not the reason for the setback, you will then want to rebuild slowly and become self-reliant to where you are not dependent on Social Security. Jordan provides some ideas on how to avoid becoming one of the 40% who are dependent solely on Social Security.


There are many different factors to consider when getting your finances back on track. Come listen as Deborah and Jordan discuss specific tactics to set you up for a financial future that you can look forward to enjoying.