Geckos Remodeling and Property Maintenance

Geckos Remodeling and Property Maintenance



Spring is upon us! It’s time to create your “honey-do-list.” What is this list? It’s a list of things to do around the house and property. Often, there are things you either don’t know how to do or just don’t want to do.

How do you find a qualified person or company to come and help get items checked off your list? The first place to look is at to find out if a company or person is licensed and insured. There are some people who go house to house claiming to have these things but really don’t. So, before you hire someone, check with to confirm. After you find a company that looks promising, check out reviews on sites like Yelp or the Better Business Bureau.

Recently, Deborah employed this method to find someone to complete a few of the tasks on her list, like repairing her fence. Today, that person, Steve Stouffer of Geckos Remodeling and Property Maintenance, joins Deborah to discuss some of the reasons hiring outside professionals can save you time and money.

Maintenance inside and outside of the house can be expensive to perform if you do not have the right tools, equipment, or know how. Plus, sometimes there are many things vying for your time. Having somebody come in who is knowledgeable, efficient, and charges a reasonable fee can save you from headaches and lots of hassle. The added bonus of hiring a company like Geckos to perform the work is that if you need permits pulled, they can do that. This helps when you have an adjuster come in to evaluate how much your home is worth so you can refinance, have adequate insurance coverage, or even sell. Today, Deborah and Steven discuss the importance of doing house projects correctly so you don’t have to rip things out later.

If you’re interested in finding out more information to help complete your “honey-do-list,” you can contact Steven Stouffer of Geckos Remodeling and Property Maintenance at (719) 238-3523. If you happen to misplace that number, you can also contact Deborah Elliott-Shultz at (719) 641-1357 because she is planning to keep that number very handy.