X-BOC Custom Coating with Christina Elliot

X-BOC Custom Coating with Christina Elliot


Deborah Elliot-Shultz has been giving tips on maintenance for your home. Today’s show is all about custom coatings on concrete. You may be wondering what this is. Basically, it’s a very affordable way to make your house stand out while also increasing the life of the concrete in and around your home.

Today, Deborah is joined by Christina Elliot of X-BOC Custom Coating. This company does custom coating and decorative concrete resurfacing. Whether you’re bored with the dull gray, or you have some spalling, even if you have some sinking concrete, X-BOC just might be what you’re looking for.

There are many benefits. First of all, it’s competitively priced with tile, wood, and other flooring options. Ever thought about having marble, but the price was just too high? One of their patterns can make your concrete look like marble! The second benefit of this amazing process is that it protects your concrete. The product they use to coat concrete absorbs into the many pores that naturally occur within the concrete making it stronger over time, more weather resistant, and makes automotive stains almost impossible. This makes it ideal for using in garages, resurfacing outdoor concrete, even for creating a unique shower. Third, even if you don’t have concrete in an area you’d like this product they have a way to make it possible! The fourth benefit is the custom options you can choose. Logos, sports teams, stamped, and even custom designs can all be used to make your X-BOC Custom Coated concrete fit your style.

Since this product goes over the exterior of current concrete, X-BOC usually takes 3-4 days for completion! To find out more information about this newer age product, call (719) 229-0446, (719) 306-0699 or find them on Facebook at XBOC Custom Coatings.