What your realtors want you to know, but haven’t told you.

What your realtors want you to know, but haven’t told you.


After speaking to some fellow realtors, Deborah realized that there are a few things that realtors hesitate to mention to their clients. The hesitation comes from trying to be cordial and conscientious of client’s feelings. But sometimes clients don’t realize that there are some things a realtor does in order to best serve you.


The first thing is that many times a realtor has family and they take vacations. Taking time with loved one and taking vacations allows your realtor to come back with clearer minds and more energy. If your realtor does take a bit of time off, they will provide coverage while away. This coverage is provided by people your realtor trusts themselves. Right now, the market is so hot that even seasoned realtors are feeling a bit overwhelmed and are having to purposefully take time to pull back.


Along this same line of thinking, most realtors typically do not work seven days a week. If your realtor is seasoned, they have plans in place and strategic options that make their day off as little of a hassle for you, their client, as possible.


Another thing about your realtor is their desire to serve you. Seasoned agents will often make suggestions about things to put away or change in order to stage your home, not to insult you, but to help your home sell. Your agent is in the business of selling homes and has had ample opportunities to hear what people generally like or dislike. Please remember that your agent is on your side and merely trying to help.


Sometimes, a client will ask their realtor what they think property values will do in the future. The problem with this is that your realtor is not a fortuneteller. They can tell you what has happened in the past and in the present, but the future is a little out of their grasp.


Finally, Deborah discusses expectations of selling your home. The market is showing that the average days on market right now is 22 days. However, that number doesn’t take into account the neighborhood or the price range. Certain price ranges are selling within forty-eight hours and some are waiting on market for months. When you meet with your realtor to sell a home, remember that your realtor is a person.


Come listen to the rest of the broadcast as Deborah Elliott-Shultz discusses some of the things your realtor wants you to know, but maybe hasn’t mentioned, yet. If you have any questions about this or anything real estate related, including buying or selling your home, call Deborah at (719) 641-1357.