Non-Profit Wrap-Up and Checklist

Non-Profit Wrap-Up and Checklist

During the month of December, Deborah has highlighted various non-profit organizations in the Pikes Peak Region.


The Springs Rescue Mission was the first non-profit Deborah highlighted this month. They serve the chronically homeless in the region and their mission is to get people off the street and back on their feet. They feed, clothe, and provide resources. They served 800 unique families in 2014, and helped over 877 different families out of poverty. To find out more information on how to partner with the Springs Rescue Mission, you can call (719) 632-1822.


The second non-profit highlighted this month was Care and Share. They serve 31 different counties in Southern Colorado through over 300 organizations. They are the go-to organization to get food to people who need it, and are able to serve 8 meals for every $1 raised. They are always in need of food and money. To help, contact their Colorado Springs site at (719) 528-1247, or you can contact the Pueblo location at (719) 296-6995.


The third non-profit highlighted this month was TESSA. It is the local shelter for victims of domestic violence. They provide a 24/7-crisis hotline, community outreach, DOVE, advocacy and counseling, and immediate safety for victims of domestic violence. Their typical clientele is women and children, but they also help men. To get involved, call (719) 633-1462.


The fourth non-profit highlighted this month was The Salvation Army. This group provides assistance to the homeless and addicted community. They are known for their Kettle Bell Ringers, and the donation made to those kettles and throughout the year provide for a 122 bed shelter, meals, and counseling. $13.50 is able to help provide a safe place to sleep, two meals, and counseling. To help, call (719) 636-3891.


The non-profit organizations listed here have been checked out. But how do you know your choosing a charity or Non-Profit organization wisely?

  • Find a charity whose mission you believe in!
  • Verify it’s tax exempt,
  • Use sites such as,, or
  • What are its goals? What progress is it making towards its goals? What sources are available to increase my confidence in this organization?


Remember, December 31 is the last day to make the tax credit deadline!