Importance of Permits with Safe Haven Roofing

Importance of Permits with Safe Haven Roofing



Home inspections are extremely important to help now the condition of the home you’re buying. The condition of the home also affects what is covered by insurance as well as the cost. If you don’t have a home inspection an insurance company has the right to not provide coverage for the roof because any issues with it can be labeled “pre-existing.”

A home inspection can also be a defining factor to complete a buyer contract. When the buyer submits a list of things to fix, the seller can choose to fix items on the list either or end the contract because the list of demands have nothing to do with structure or safety. Remember, the list of changes or fixes is not a “honey-do” list, but a structure and safety list. For example, a seller-client was provided with a list of fixes after the inspection, and on that list was a request to remove a skylight. If there were leakage or damage issues, yes, it should be fixed. Asking for it to be removed, however, was overkill. The inspection is about making sure the home you are purchasing is safe and structurally sound.

Permits are important because they ensure someone will check the work of the company you have hired. To confirm a permit has been pulled for any work, you can access to check for permits pulled on your property and to find out what types of work should have a permit pulled. What happens if you find out a company you hired in good faith did not pull a permit for the work?

Come listen as Deborah Elliot-Shultz speaks with Mike of Safe Haven Roofing and Restoration to discuss the process of pulling a permit for work already done, and how you can make sure your home is up to code. For more questions or to list your home with Deborah, call (719) 641-1357.