Matthew McKinley interviews Deborah Elliott-Shultz

Matthew McKinley interviews Deborah Elliott-Shultz


Today, The City of CS show is turning the tables. Producer Matthew McKinley is stepping into the booth as host for a first ever interview with Deborah Elliott-Shultz. Although she has interviewed countless people about many different subjects, we don’t always get a chance to get to know Deborah. So, today, Matthew asks the questions people have wanted to know about our host.


As a “military brat,” Deborah lived in various countries while growing up, and only living in the United States after she was a young adult. Her father’s motto was “no matter what country you live in, learn their language.” This advice has proven useful throughout her life and in her two varied careers. Being able to learn the language of people has provided her with the ability to blend in and accept many different kinds of people.


A strong work ethic was encouraged in her home, as well. From the age of 9, Deborah has worked at various jobs and careers. While living oversees, she was often encouraged to save up money with the idea that she might want to buy some property in the States. This led to her 1st home that she likes to call a “Diamond in the rough” and became her first flip.


Previous to moving to Colorado Springs, Deborah was a nurse with an added degree in counseling who also frequently flipped homes. When she and her husband retired to Colorado Springs, it seemed a natural progression for Deborah to put her counseling background and love for buying and selling homes together to eventually become a real estate broker.


Come join us as Matthew find out what led to the $3500 flat listing fee, the difference between a real estate agent and realtor (to find the code of ethics reference, look here), and Deborah’s favorite treat for working so hard.


If you have other questions or would like to find out more about the $3500 flat listing fee, call Deborah at (719) 641-1357.