Non-profit Organizations of the Pikes Peak Region

Non-profit Organizations of the Pikes Peak Region


During the months of November and December, Deborah has highlighted various non-profit organizations in the Pikes Peak Region. This year, each of the non-profits mentioned below has seen an increase in people they assist. It would be nice if we lived in a utopia where people don’t need the kind of help these non-profits provide; unfortunately, we don’t live in a utopian world. Isn’t it nice that we have these non-profits to provide assistance to people in need? The holiday season from November to the end of December is when most non-profits raise money to operate in the following year. Any amount is appreciated, even $5. Following is a list of non-profits Deborah Elliot-Shultz has vetted and highly recommends.


  • Care and Share was the first non-profit highlighted this season. They serve 31 different counties in Southern Colorado through over 300 organizations. They are the go-to organization to get food to people who need it, and are able to serve 8 meals for every $1 raised. They are always in need of food, money, and volunteers. To help, contact their Colorado Springs site at (719) 528-1247.


  • The Springs Rescue Mission was the second non-profit Deborah highlighted this season. They serve the chronically homeless in the region and their mission is to get people off the street and back on their feet. They offer food, shelter, and other resources. This year the need increased significantly because the cost of housing exceeded many people’s monthly income and they found themselves homeless. Monetary donations are always helpful, but The Springs Rescue Mission could also use clothing, blankets, towels, food, coats, hygiene products, etc. If you would like to donate items, their address is 5 West Las Vegas St. Or to find out more information on how to partner with the Springs Rescue Mission, you can call (719) 632-1822.


  • The Salvation Army was the third non-profit highlighted this season. This group provides assistance to the homeless and addicted community. They are known for their Red Kettles. The donation made to those kettles and throughout the year provide for a 122 bed shelter, meals, and counseling. This non-denominational ministry gives without discrimination to anybody in need. To make a donation, call (719) 636-3891.


  • TESSA was the fourth non-profit highlighted this season. It is the local shelter for victims of domestic violence. They provide a 24/7-crisis hotline, community outreach, advocacy and counseling, and immediate safety for those seeking refuge from domestic violence. Monetary donations are greatly appreciated, as are donations of hygiene products, toys, make-up, toiletries, etc. To get involved, call (719) 633-1462.


  • Silver Key was the fifth non-profit highlighted this season. We advocate for senior empowerment and offer a variety of services to maintain independence, safety and quality of life. This organization provides “meal-on-wheels,” nutritional programs, food pantry, transportation services, housing assistance, senior safety, and a thrift store with all kinds of antiques and collectibles. Monetary, food, and thrift store donations are gratefully accepted. There are also many ways to get involved through volunteering. To get involved with Silver Key, contact (719) 884-2350.


  • Sarah’s Home was the sixth non-profit highlighted this season. This group provides a safe home for girls rescued out of sex trafficking. Due to the nature of this program, Sarah’s home does not receive federal funding, which means monetary donations are extremely helpful. Other things that can be donated would be gift cards to places like clothing stores, restaurants, and events. Since Sarah’s Home is a home where the girls not only receive the care and counseling they need to reclaim the life they were meant to live, donations of anything a typical home would need are also very much appreciated. Items like toilet paper, feminine products, paper towels, towels, cleaning supplies, etc. To make a monetary donation or material items, contact (719) 347-3026.


  • Habitat for Humanity was the seventh non-profit highlighted this season. Their mission is to provide housing for those in need. They also run the ReStore, a place where people donate building materials and where the community can find items for their own home projects. All money raised through the ReStore goes to building homes affordable homes for people who need them. To find out ways you can donate money or time, contact the ReStore at (719)667-0840 or Habitat for Humanity at (719) 475-7800.


Remember, December 31 is the last day to make the tax credit deadline! But these non-profit organizations are out in the community working every day of the year, which means you can sign up to volunteer your time and talents throughout the coming year, too. When you call to make a donation or to volunteer make sure to mention that you heard about them on the City of CS show so they know that their time was well spent.


Thank you for tuning into the City of CS show last year. Deborah has really enjoyed your questions and emails! If you have a real estate question, or you haven’t heard her discuss a topic that deals with the buying and selling of real estate that is important to you, give her a call at (719) 641-1357 or contact her at Deborah enjoys hearing from her listeners and looks forward to answering your questions in the coming new year.


Happy New Year, we’ll see you in 2018!