The Pro’s of Owning a Home with Ryan Herbig

The Pro’s of Owning a Home with Ryan Herbig


Ryan Herbig from American Liberty Funding and your host Deborah Elliot-Shultz continue to discuss the pro’s of home ownership.  Here are a few more tips to make sure you’re making the right deal for you!


Are you looking out for a home that suits your needs in Colorado Springs? Are you planning on investing in real estate? Are you on the lookout for a new home? You do want so much to go ahead and buy, but there is a lot of confusion as to where to start from, the procedure is terrifying and you are not familiar with the regulations of the area. If any of these situations are applicable to you then, Deborah an established realtor from Colorado Springs provides you with the tips with which you can never go wrong and be assured of having taken the right decision.

According to Deborah real estate investment is the largest investment of potential buyers, who are apprehensive whether the estate that has been finalized is an appropriate investment and not a mistake. Here are a few tips from the pro on buying a home, this will not only ease the decision making process but facilitate it:

  • Jot down your needs on a piece of paper and if you have a partner then both of you need to take time and discuss the matter in detail.
  • First on the list is contacting an experienced realtor, which will make a world of difference to your estate hunting strategy. You need not pay the agent a fee as it is the sellers onus to pay the fees.
  • Confirm the amount of the loan you are qualified for, before you begin hunting.
  • Decide on the area you want the house to be in, whether it should be close to the place of employment or whether it should be in a school district has to be taken in to consideration. Proximity to shopping area, walking pass, playgrounds, traffic areas all too need to be considered carefully.
  • Check out the property tax that will be attracted by the property as, the amount that the buyer can qualify will depend on this amount too.
  • The number of bedrooms and bathrooms, their location all need to be considered as though it may not be a pressing need today, but if the buyer decides to have a family or have an aged parent moving in with them then shortsightedness could lead to problems. Extra spaces like garages, lofts, basements and their types to play an important role in decision-making.
  • Check out the rules and regulations regarding the water district, Home Owners Association.

These are many more factors need to considered carefully while buying a home as these will not only provide comfort and solace but also ease reselling procedures if needed.

For the guidance from an expert call Deborah on 719-641-1357 and make buying your dream property seem like a cakewalk.