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Recently, the Colorado Springs area was hit by a windstorm. Many roofs were damaged, a few homes had their entire roof fly right off!


Roofers in the Colorado Springs area are still attending to the homes that were damaged in the July and August hailstorms. Now, with the wind damage, many roofers are having to prioritize which homes need the most immediate attention. Homes where the entire roof has blown off are obviously being prioritized higher.


Today, Deborah welcomes Mike Donadic of Save Haven Roofing and Restoration to discuss some of the things homeowners need to consider in the wake of this most recent storm.


Before you make a claim, you’ll want to have a roofer come out and assess your roof. In the process of this assessment, it’s best to work with a roofing company that will take pictures and sit down to explain to you what they saw. Then they’ll make some recommendations or suggest making a claim. If you call your insurance company out for an inspection, it counts as a claim whether they decide to pay out or not. Plus, they might not notice everything.


Something else you’ll want in a roofer is a company that is local. A roofer from out of town, though, won’t be able to address any follow up issues with you because they won’t be in the area anymore. Visit,, or, to check if a roofing company is licensed and insured.


Come listen as Deborah and Mike discuss roofing and what to expect. They also mention a couple things to watch out for so you don’t end up getting fleeced. To contact Safe Haven Roofing and Restoration with any questions, their website is or you can call them at (719) 799-3526.