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Mia Bella Properties

Marketing Plan To Sell Your Home

There is no reason why you should pay the listing real estate company more than $3500!

In the Colorado Springs area, most real estate agents charge 6% (3% to listing agent and 3% to buyers agent) to list your home. On top of that, they charge you extra fees, which can be called Administration Fees, Transaction Fees, or Filing Fees. These additional fees often range from $195 to $800, and add up to more money out of your pocket!

Here is a typical scenario when listing a home in the Colorado Springs area:

List home for $250,000

Listing agent/company fee of 3% = $7,500

Buyers agent fee (the agent that presents an offer from their buyer) 3% = $7,500

Extra fees in the Additional Provisions of the Contract to Sell can be added. You must read your contract to know exactly how much you will be charged in additional fees:

$500 (This fee could be more or less)

This scenario leaves You the Seller a Total of

$15,500 Out of Pocket!


Mia Bella Properties Flat Listing Fee = $3,500

Buyers Agent Fee of 3% = $7,500

Additional Fees = $0

This scenario leaves You the Seller a Total of

$11,000 Out of Pocket, a $4,500 Savings!

Which one will you choose?

You might ask yourself “why does she have a flat listing fee?  Is it less service? Less advertising?” The answer is simple! Why should I benefit from the equity of your home? I think the better question is “why shouldn’t I charge a flat listing fee?”  It benefits my clients in several ways. Obviously, it results in my clients having more money in their pocket which enables them to be more flexible on offers made on their home and they have more money to put down on a new home! It just makes perfect sense to me and my clients!  Never less advertising!  Who else will advertise your home on the radio?

*Homes Listed at $600,000.00 and over are charged a 1% Listing Fee.

We are a full service company and will do all the marketing of your home! We just charge you less! Heres the steps well take to get your home SOLD:

                  • We’ll prepare a thorough market analysis to determine the current value of your home.
                  • We’ll measure the rooms and have our professional photographer take the pictures for marketing your home.
                  • We’ll create a comprehensive listing in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) with lots of photos and careful descriptions. This step is very important because the MLS is used by all Realtors at all companies to view the most up-to-date information about homes for sale.
                  • We’ll also list your home on many other websites, including, Trulia, and Zillow.
                  • We’ll install an electronic lock box. This lockbox records all that enter into your home, which is a securing benefit so agents and their buyers can access your home.
                  • We’ll install a sign in the front yard with brochures in an attached box.
                  • We’ll keep a log of the dates and times of all your showings, along with the agent’s name who showed it.
                  • We’ll follow up with each agent who showed your home and give you feedback often.
                  • We’ll discuss any offers with you ASAP, and respond to the other agent with your acceptance or counter offer.
                  • We’ll use a state-of-the-art electronic file and contract system called eContracts. This system makes it easy for all parties to sign electronically with a mouse or touchpad.
                  • We’ll work with the other agent to ensure that the buyer is financially qualified to buy your home.
                  • We’ll order title work, follow up on the earnest money, inspection and appraisal, set up a closing date and time, and ensure that all contract dates are met.
                  • We’ll represent your best interests throughout the transaction, negotiate on your behalf, and be your trusted advisor.
                  • We’ll help you find another home, and can save you money on that transaction too by being your professional negotiator.

So isn’t this a no brainer to list your home with us and save yourself lots of money????

If this makes sense to you, give us a call and we will be happy to get started listing your home and getting it SOLD! Just call 719-641-1357 !!

* Compensation fee for the Buyers Agent is in addition to the $3500 flat fee.*

Selling a home can be a daunting process. There are endless questions you need to answered, a listing price that makes sense, and you need to find a way to get your home the most exposure. I am an expert in Real Estate and can help you sell your home for the right price, to qualified buyers and at the right time. Take a look at some of the tips and resources we have to offer you to make the selling process go quicker and smoother:

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