During the month of December, Deborah highlights different non-profit organizations in the Pikes Peak area. Today, she is joined by Becky Treece from TESSA.


In 1977, in response to an increase in domestic violence, the D.A.’s office teamed up with the El Pomar Foundation to create an organization to help victims of domestic violence. That organization is TESSA. They serve victims of domestic violence and sexual assault in El Paso and Teller Counties by walking their clients through whatever they have gone though to find safety and long-term security.


TESSA also helps the many children who are brought into their safe house with counseling and a special program called DOVE, Domestic Violence Education. The DOVE program provides alternatives to violence and helps the children work through what it means to create healthy boundaries and how to handle angry emotions. The reason TESSA provides this is to help break the cycle of violence and create a more positive future for the children involved.


They operate with an annual budget of $1.8 million. It is the smallest organization of its kind and relies heavily on the community for donations. About 47% of the budget comes from government programs and grants, whereas 53% comes from the community through donations. Which is why community support is so vital.


This year, TESSA is excited to be celebrating their 40th anniversary! Check out their website or call them to find out ways you can get involved with the 40th anniversary events.


Often, victims of domestic violence have fled with only the clothes on their back, so anything you would need for daily life (shampoo, deodorant, bath soap, diapers, hygiene products, blankets, food, etc). Want to get more involved? Check out their website at tessacs.org or call (719) 633-1462.